Siris – Ksana Character Preview

An operative with a lot of soul.

Names and details are subject to final EN localization and changes.

Siris received the new "Ksana" exosuit before heading to New Hentiro. Although it looks a bit conspicuous, its capabilities boost Siris' ability to deal with threats and emergencies. It serves as a reminder not to hold onto the past, but to treasure the present.

Weapon: Shotgun
Element: Thermal
Role: Skill DPS

"What I have to do today... water the flowers, feed the fish, and... say good morning to the Adjutant! Hehe~"
"This feeling, I'll make sure to remember it"

Standard Ability: Fourteen Unities

Siris deploys a shield in front of her and charges forward. While charging, she takes reduced damage from the front (up to 80%), gradually upgrades her shield, and gains stacks of [Soul Power] (up to a maximum). Enemies hit by the charge are knocked back and take Thermal damage. While Siris has S-Energy remaining, it will be consumed every second to apply the following effects:

  • Gain additional damage reduction
  • Gain additional [Soul Power] stacks every second
  • Increase the speed at which the shield upgrades
  • When hitting an enemy with the charge, gain additional [Soul Power] stacks.

The upgraded shield can be detonated by recasting the ability to deal Thermal damage to up to five enemies in front of it. Detonating the upgraded shield will also recover U-Energy and instantly grant [Soul Power] stacks.

Neuronic 1: When equipped with a Thermal weapon, Siris gains [Soul Power] and regenerates S-Energy whenever a bullet hits an enemy. [Editor's note: this probably means you can get multiple procs of this per shotgun shot, but we'll have to see]
Neuronic 2: When the upgraded shield hits an enemy, the cooldown of this ability is refunded and every enemy hit on shield detonation will restore additional S-Energy. [Editor's note: my recommended soundtrack for playing Siris given this information]

Support Ability: Soul Return

Siris strikes the ground, knocking back enemies, dealing Thermal damage, and granting shields to nearby allies.

Neuronic 1: The total shield strength is increased by Siris' max health
Neuronic 2: The range of this ability increases

Ultimate Ability: Reverse Rebirth

Siris: Use your ultimate skill at the right time to consume [Soul Power] and do large amounts of damage. After unlocking specific neuronics, you can reduce your ultimate ability cooldown by doing non-ultimate damage.

Siris stops time and charges up, consuming [Soul Power] stacks to apply marks to the targeted enemy, which receive detonation stacks as she charges. If an enemy has multiple marks, the effectiveness of stacks applied is reduced.

When Siris finishes charging, she deals Thermal damage to marked enemies based on the amount of detonation stacks each enemy has, as well as the amount of [Soul Power] stacks consumed while charging. It also deals a proportion of the damage to enemies in front of her.

Neuronic 1: When Siris deals non-ultimate damage, reduce the cooldown of her ultimate ability.
Neuronic 2: Using Siris' ultimate ability will refresh the cooldown of her standard and support abilities, and also reload her weapon. [Editor's note: the specific wording says that it "reloads all bullets" but there's no way they'd let her have a teamwide reload... right?]

Deiwos Passive: Licensed Resurrection

Every time Siris' [Soul Power] stacks increase or decrease by a certain amount, she gains one stack of [Resurrection]. Each stack increases Siris' attack, further increased via Alignment Index. [Resurrection] stacks have a maximum limit and decay over time.

Character Trailer

  • "Adjutant! Come help me quickly, I'm stuck!"
  • "Hey, don't bully me!"
  • "I forgot where I put my recording device, let's go look for it."

[Scene change]

  • "Is it really up here?"
  • "Adjutant, just a little higher."
  • "So the recording device was here..."
  • "Adjutant, you're really bullying me again."
  • "Make it up to me with a kiss."

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