News Wire: Siris – Ksana and Weapon Buffs

Number go up

Buffs have officially been announced for Siris - Ksana's weapon Crowned Flail, after initial player impressions of it were less than stellar. Surprisingly enough, they also came with a buff to Siris herself as well. As if she needed even more of a competitive advantage fighting pi. There are also some bugfixes but nothing too important, though mobile/controller players stuck on balloon shooting challenges will apparently now be able to use the aim assist when targeting them.

Siris - Ksana

The second Neuronic for her standard ability, Serenity Rush, has been adjusted:

When Screen of Harmony shatters and and hits a target, resets the cooldown of Serenity Rush. For every 1 target(s) hit when it shatters, Siris restores 5 S-Energy. If equipped with a Thermal weapon, Screen of Harmony shattering and hitting a target will also reduce the cooldown of her ultimate ability Cycle of Inversion by 3 seconds.

This is likely intended to curb the relative effectiveness of Discordance's ability to let Siris spam her ultimate ability, as the weapons intended for Siris to be using will be able to now do the same.

Crowned Flail

Just a straight numbers buff:

Thermal damage increase per Aureate Dynasty stack: 1.8% T1/3% T2 → 2.4% T1/4% T2

So how does this affect its performance compared to the freebie shop weapon? Well, let's grab that table from the Quick Thoughts article I wrote earlier this month and add the new numbers in:

WeaponAttackHP (Includes weapon stat boost)Thermal Damage
Scarabei (T5)0%53%30%
T1 Crowned Flail (Pre-Buff)15%65%36%
T1 Crowned Flail (Buffed)15%65%48%
Scarab Squad15%15%50%
Crowned Flail % increase vs ScarabeiInfinite23%20%
Crowned Flail % increase vs Scarabei (with Scarab Squad)100%18%7.5%
Crowned Flail (Buffed) % increase vs ScarabeiInfinite23%60%
Crowned Flail (Buffed) % increase vs Scarabei (with Scarab Squad)100%18%22.5%

The relative improvement holds up much better even against the diminishing returns from Scarab Squad diluting the value of Thermal Damage boost. At T2, that Thermal damage boost totals 130% with Scarab Squad, or 62.5% higher than the shop gun!

What does this mean for its overall relative performance? Enter handy-dandy table #2:

WeaponRelative Performance vs T5 Scarabei (Scarab Squad Equipped)
T1 Crowned Flail116%
T2 Crowned Flail139%
T1 Crowned Flail (Buffed)123%
T2 Crowned Flail (Buffed)143%

So in other words, T1 Crowned Flail is now 7% better than the shop gun in comparison to its pre-buff state, pushing its advantage over the 20% threshold that I'd consider to be the point where a gacha weapon becomes "worth it." It doesn't improve as much over its former self at T2 (diminishing returns always finds a way), but it's already pretty bonkers at T2 so you were never doing that badly with it anyways.

I still have my reservations about Siris as far as how much of a must-have she really is, but if you already have her, her gacha weapon is now a much more compelling offer.

The buffs are expected to be applied in an update this week.