News Wire: April 19 CN Devstream Summary

A real heart-to-heart.

Earlier today, the official Snowbreak Bilibili account hosted a developer livestream, revealing their plans for the game in the long and short term, while also sharing some more personal thoughts.

Short-Term Plans

The bug where auto-completing Personal Files will not mark the corresponding daily battlepass mission as completed has been identified as an issue and will be fixed soon. As well, there are plans to improve the shop UI, as players had been complaining that it was hard to use.

Cherno - Enigma is slated for a bugfix due to her Deiwos passive scaling not behaving properly. This should result in about a 5% damage increase. Also being fixed is an issue where Katya's explosive bolts willl sometimes immediately detonate after being fired.

Long-Term Plans

The stream hosts noted that Seasun are not particularly big fans of doing double SSR operative releases, as they don't like putting extra pressure on players to spend money (this theme will come up again, as you'll see). They stated that they only expect to do double SSR releases three times a year, and only for major events (anniversary, half-anniversary, and summer). Furthermore, when double SSR releases do occur, one of the two will always be given out for free.

There was also a mention of a potential gacha banner without the 50/50 mechanic currently in the game, with corresponding tweaks to gacha rates and pity. This was apparently an idea they had right before the stream, and thus no specifics were available. It's also unclear whether this would be a permanent change to the existing gacha or a special event banner, but there are plans to make it happen in some form before the game's anniversary.

Regarding skins and cosmetics, they stated a promise that a full bundle of a skin plus a related accessory (weapon skin or interactive) would never cost more than 200 Yuan, and that each event would not have more than five new skin releases. To that end, they expressed a desire to move their focus away from just skins and begin investing more into developing new gameplay content, as they did not want players paying too much for cosmetics, and also because they didn't want the majority of the game's new content to just be skins.

Some of the changed logistics officers were also showcased:

Alvia (formerly Oleg) of Twilight Squad
Fumoku (formerly Fuboku) of Dharma Squad
Joana (formerly Johann) of Akitsu Squad
Zhuhe (formerly Zhehao) of Mingyi Squad

Lastly, there are apparently plans to provide new players with even more resources to "reduce the stress" that comes with early-game struggles, as well as a way to obtain future logistics sets with fixed "perfect" substats that would suit the operative released with it. There are also plans for more dorm interactions, but they would likely discuss this further in the future, taking player feedback into consideration.

Other Stuff

The stream took a brief pause in the middle to showcase the newly released Cherno - Enigma, with one of the devs casually dropping a 27.3s Falconer clear in this week's Neural Sim.

He wasn't even breaking a sweat.

Getting back on topic, they promised more of these devstreams in the future. There was a desire expressed for both the players and the devs to be happy, saying that "we aren't enemies, and should take care of each other." They reiterated their commitment to making more of what the players want, noting that they keep an eye on CN forums as part of listening to player feedback. They also mentioned how players really liked the scene in the Gradient of Souls event trailer where the Adjutant blocked the attack from the mysterious boss enemy.

But throughout the stream, they expressed their gratitude to the players making it possible for the game to succeed. The hosts noted that there have been many new players, and that they were happy to see the game's growth. They admitted that the amount of resources available to them still is relatively low, but that they're in a much better state than in the past. Particularly near the end of last year (2023), they were feeling "hopeless" about the situation regarding the game, and are extremely grateful for the miraculous recovery that the game has seen since then.

The stream ended about half an hour after it started, with the host stating that he didn't want to keep people up too late (the stream was held at 12:30AM, CN time).

Correction: Initially, it was stated that the maximum price of a cosmetics bundle would not exceed 200 Bitgold; it has since been identified as a mistranslation and should be 200 Yuan instead.