News Wire: CN Snowbreak Ditching Male Logistics Officers, Global Maybe To Follow

Putting the "man" in "manslaughter"

Official CN Snowbreak social media has just released a post detailing a very interesting change to the game: a plan to eventually remove all male logistics officers and eventually replace them with female equivalents. This plan is slated to begin in the next update, v1.7, and finish over the duration of v1.8. It will start with the highest-rarity orange tier logistics sets and gradually trickle down to the lower-rarity ones. As well, these changes had also meant that some recently released sets were specifically modified to not have male characters present.

I don't generally like to get into real-world happenings, but if I were to hazard a guess as to why these changes are being implemented, it would be because of the CN gacha playerbase as whole. While this doesn't apply to everyone in that demographic (obviously), there's been a trend among CN players towards being very critical of anything that might potentially usurp their role as the main character of the games they play. This has lead to certain very high-profile "scandals" in the CN gacha industry, reaching its current boiling point where the slogan "no playable males in games" has begun widespread circulation on CN forums like NGA. If you were wondering why some of Chenxing's story text was changed not too long ago, it was likely because of this as well, as the changes downplayed her friendship with Siris.

It's easy to point fingers at game developers for caving to pressure, but you do have to remember that the CN market is arguably the biggest in the world. There's a lot of money to be made there, and many live-service games released from there heavily depend on CN revenue to stay afloat. While I can't confirm if specifically the CN Snowbreak community was putting on pressure for changes like these, it's hard to blame Seasun for wanting to steer clear of any potential drama in advance.

However, these changes have not been confirmed for global servers, and a Seasun contact specifically informed me that these changes may not come to global servers based on community sentiment. I'm lead to believe that they'll be closely monitoring the global playerbase to determine whether or not to implement these changes in the future.

Updates to this story

Some of you may have seen this notice in-game implying that the decision has already been made. I've reached out to Seasun and gotten their assurance that this is NOT the case. They stated that they're still monitoring the community response, citing a desire to respect the global playerbase.