News Wire: (Final) Lyfe/Fenny Outfit Previews, Confirmed Date for Eatchel Changes

Does it ever feel like you're writing the same article over and over?

The update with all of these changes is expected to be released on March 26 (CN time). This is the last word on these changes until they actually go live. Probably. Hopefully.

Outfit Changes

We've finally received confirmation of the upcoming changes to Fenny - Coronet's Sugar Queen and Lyfe - Wild Hunt's Street Code outfits.

Sugar Queen

This outfit has received further changes since the last preview, which you can view here.

All players who bought the outfit prior to the update will receive the adjusted version as an additional outfit. Players who buy the outfit after the update will only receive the adjusted version.

Street Code

All players who own this outfit will have it updated to the new version, regardless of when they obtained it.

Eatchel Changes

Confirmed to be part of the same update as the outfit changes. There are still no specific details of the changes, so those will likely be covered in... yet another post. Yay...