News Wire: v1.7 New “Interactive Features”

Hoarding emails like your life depends on it.

With the next major event and update, multiple new features will be added for (and I quote) "a more realistic interactive experience." These features were supposedly a present prepared by Enya, with Seasun promising that more experiences would continue be created in the future.

Mail Storage Terminal

Enya: Every moment spent with the Adjutant should be cherished~

With the next update, the mailbox will gain the ability to store special messages sent from operatives and other characters, allowing you to view them later in the future. These are only for collection purposes, and cannot be used to claim rewards multiple times (duh). Stored messages can be sent to the recycle bin, where they will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

Outfit Interactive Scenes

In the next update, Enya - Exuvia's "Kiss Be the Remedy" and "Enya's Healing Session" interactive scene will be available for purchase (this will be available as a discounted bundle). After purchasing both the outfit and interactive scene, players can click on the button on the home menu to enter the interactive scene.

Special "Physiotherapy Room" Scene

Enya: Why is your face so red? Let big sis take your temperature~

In the Physiotherapy Room, players can talk to Enya and discover new stories and special interactions with Enya the nurse.

Interact From Every Angle

Enya: If the Adjutant looks at me so closely, even big sis will get shy~

By changing the camera angle, you can admire Enya's beauty from every direction.

    Enya: Huh? Don't touch there... Adjutant, you're so naughty~

    Touching different parts of Enya's body can trigger special interactions, unlocking new unique experiences.

    Enya - Exuvia's "Kiss Be The Remedy" outfit and "Enya's Healing Session" interactive scene will be available in the paid shop from May 2 to May 30. During this event, both can be purchased together as a discounted bundle.