Suspense in Skytopia: Quality of Life Updates

The features you've all been waiting for

With the upcoming Suspense in Skytopia event marking Snowbreak's anniversary, you'd expect some pretty big quality of life updates to go with it. It's kind of a thing with gacha games. Well at any rate, you expected right, because there sure are some neat features coming soon.

You can view the full event details here.

Tactic Evaluation FastPass

Confession time: I actually haven't finished all of the Tactic Evaluation stages, because I like keeping the rewards uncollected as emergency gacha funds.
Lyfe: "Just leave it to me and the adjutant, and I'll handle it quickly."

So you know how nobody actually likes playing Tactic Evaluation because the stages are all super easy and mind-numbingly boring? Well now you don't have to bother with most of that and still get all the rewards. In fact, you can now skip 80% of it, as you only have to clear the 5th and 10th stage in each chapter to clear the chapter overall. And yes, you get the rewards for all the stages you skipped.

New Home Menu Background

Fenny: "I will always be the center of the adjutant's gaze."

You'll be able to switch to the new "Yggdrasil Camp" menu background once the event rolls around, and this background will be made available for free as well.

Music Player

Lyfe: "These familiar melodies... remind me of time spent working side by side with the adjutant."

A music player will be added to the archives, and will also be accessible via a furniture item in the base. Here, you can listen to the various music tracks the game has to offer (duh), but you'll also be able to set your favourites to be used as the background music for game menus and the base.

Operative Viewer

Fenny: "My best side is only for you to see!"

A new menu where you can view your operatives and their various outfits. You can also play their idle animations at will, all so you can get those... well-timed screenshots.

Logistics Presets

Lyfe: "In the face of battle, I trust the adjutant's judgement."

Select between three different logistics presets to quickly change up your logistics loadout for different scenarios.

...I'm not sure how much use this will actually get, given that almost all operatives only ever use one logistics set due to Seasun's hatred of alternate logistics options. But it's something.

Permanent Shop for Limited Weapon Parts

Fenny: "As long as the adjutant wants it, I'll get someone to make it happen."

Get a new currency for completing daily missions, which you can exchange for limited weapon parts from previous events. For those who have everything already, you now get an extra source of silverbucks. Well played, Seasun.

Opal Vouchers Added To Battlepass Rewards

Lyfe: "In the future... we'll definitely need more."

What it says on the tin. Opal vouchers are now battlepass rewards:

  • 100 from the basic pass
  • 400 from the upgraded pass

Though it makes you wonder what they'll do with the operative banner tickets that currently occupy the level 40 reward slot. Hopefully they're just combined with another reward slot containing those.

Friends List Cap Increased to 150

Fenny: "You're so charming~ you're truly the person I like!"



Lyfe: "Nothing can stop us, adjutant."

Neural Connection gained from playing Gigalink increased. That's it.

Elite Logistics Shop UI Enhancements

Fenny: Adjutant~ I want that one!"
Fenny, you don't even use any of these logistics sets...

Recommended operatives for each logistics set have been added to the shop UI for the Elite Logistics shop, letting you know which operatives are intended to use which set.

This is a public service announcement reminding you all that Mingyi is a total scam and that you should use Amano-Iwato on Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud, no matter what Seasun says.

Individual Character VO Selection

Lyfe: "As long as the adjutant likes it."

Customize the voice language individually between each character. So in other words, you can have a party where Fritia speaks English, Fenny speaks Japanese, and Lyfe speaks Chinese. If you want.

Regarding Wedding Outfits

Lyfe and Fenny's new wedding outfits also have a bunch of special features associated with them. I was going to make a post about it, but I was occupied with various IRL obligations the past two days and the EN Snowbreak account actually posted the details for once:

As well, ChongChong, who you should be familiar with by now as the one of the producers of Snowbreak, had a few things to say about the outfits and their implications. You can read the full tweet here, but I've also prepared a quick TL;DR since I know how much gacha players love reading:

  1. Yes, you marrying Lyfe and Fenny are canon.
  2. No really, it's canon. There are no alternate timeline or "what-if" shenanigans here.
  3. The marriages being canon will affect the main story, in case you didn't believe the previous point.
  4. The marriages will also affect Lyfe and Fenny's "identities" in the future.
  5. Lyfe's bond story will also be updated.

The other celebrity Snowbreak staffer, MuMu, also noted that Fenny's bond story would be updated as well.

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