Suspense in Skytopia: Dorm Feature Updates

It turns out that the Heimdall Force does in fact get medical benefits.

The upcoming Suspense in Skytopia update brings with it a whole bunch of new content for the game's dorm system. Let's take a look.

You can view the full event details here.

Healing Center: Grand Opening!

Fenny: "What a nice place, come here and relax with me on the weekends, adjutant~"

The healing center has opened on the second floor of the base. Players can explore this new location and relax with operatives.

(Does this mean that the dorm floors are all getting shifted up by one? They've got some crazy construction technology over at Yggdrasil, huh.)

"Neural Conditioning" Massage Minigame

Lyfe: "Well... thanks to the adjutant, I've become much more relaxed."
Has anyone else noticed that the character being featured changes every time they show this minigame?

Players can engage in this minigame to perform neural conditioning on operatives using the three types of massage. You will be rated on your performance and you can get rewards based on that, like exclusive furniture to place in the healing center.

Currently, only Acacia, Yao, Fenny, Lyfe, and Katya can take part in this minigame. But rest assured, everyone is eager to try out the adjutant's massage techniques.

New Furniture

Four new pieces of furniture are available: the Massage Apparatus, Height and Weight Measurer, Vending Machine, and Full-Body Exam Room. Note that a compatible operative must be owned to gain access to any interactive features.

New Base Souvenirs

New base souvenirs will be made available:

  • Auxiliary Machine (event shop)
  • Spicy Hotpot Camp (will be delivered through a mail reward on July 20)
  • Dream of Falling Snow (will be automatically added to the base once the event begins)