Snowbreak 1st Anniversary Stream Summary

Happy anniversary!

There's a lot to cover, so let's just get into it.

Fun Trivia

Most popular home menu operative: Enya - Exuvia
MuMu: "How did Fenny lose again?"
100,798 players have cleared every stage of Tactic Evaluation
Most used operatives in Paradoxical Labyrinth
Most picked PL buff: Shield Capture
Most used operatives in co-op
Total number of enemies captured in Star Master: 74,437,598
Total number of #9 pieces used: 14,819,756
The hosts joked that many players used them to produce "phallic" designs
Daily mission any% speedrun record: 42 seconds
Most popular global chat channel (CN): channel 5, with a total of 1,888,423 messages being sent there
The richest player in the game has 24,681,173 Silverbucks
34,709 players have reached level 100

New Operative Content

Lyfe - Infinite Sight

Uses dual SMGs.

Lyfe will have the "Frozen in Love" outfit that also has an associated interactive scene, as well as a weapon skin.

Fenny - Starshine

Uses an assault rifle.

Fenny will have the "Flourish of Heart" outfit that also has an associated interactive scene, as well as a weapon skin.

Marian - Swift Outfit: Midnight Rose

Eatchel - The Cub Outfit: Fluffy Ollie

Lyfe - Wednesday Outfit: Devoted Voyager

Will be given out for free as a login reward

Outfit Reruns

Available outfits shown:

  • Haru - Absconditus: Frostbite Flora
  • Fritia - Hush: Nimble Hare
  • Fritia - Hush: Symphony of Frenzy
  • Acacia - Kaguya: Allure of Lotus
  • Eatchel - The Cub: Overdue Radiance
  • Fenny - Coronet: Slopestyle Diva
  • Fenny - Coronet: Sugar Queen
  • Lyfe - Wild Hunt: Ice Dancer
  • Katya - Blue Bolt: Graceful Danseuse

Gameplay Content

Game Mode: "Heartbeat Party"

Game Mode: Star Master

Will be permanent and "less grindy".

Fishing makes a return, and you can now directly gacha for units if you don't want to do captures yourself.

New units are available (hi Esther and Ni-Mech), and you can upgrade the skills of your captured units.

Paradoxical Labyrinth

Pick specific operatives to get medals that can be used to redeem special rewards like trial operatives.

Collect unique buffs during runs and get rewards based on your collection progress

Torrent of Fire

Online co-op.

Tactic Evaluation

Now you'll be able to skip to the fifth and tenth stage of each chapter of Tactic Evaluation while getting clear rewards for all skipped stages.

Planned Future Content

As-of-yet unfinished gameplay concept featuring co-op in an open world... and airstrikes?

Competitive maze/obstacle course. Everyone asking for PvP can finally rest easy.

Free Stuff

Limited Weapon Selector

Log in to get a selector for any limited SSR weapon released before v1.6. Available options are:

  • Pine Aurora
  • Anti-Evil Ward
  • 16-Psyche
  • Alloy Truth
  • Eccentric Joker
  • Neptune Nova
  • Blitzing Fangs
  • 30 weapon components

Special Invitation: Fenny - Starshine

Fenny - Starshine and her logistics set "Reverie Squad" will be available for free as a login reward between July 25 and August 22.

Devoted Voyager Login Campaign

Log in between July 11 - August 22 to get Lyfe - Wednesday's "Devoted Voyager" outfit and up to ten limited operative banner tickets. Similarly, log in between July 25 - August 22 to get up to ten limited weapon banner tickets.

My Valkyrie Games superstar can't be this cute...

Additionally, log in between July 11 and August 22 to get another ten limited operative banner tickets delivered via mail.

Memory Chips, Stamina Refills, and Bonus Reset

Between July 11 - July 17 and July 25 - July 31, log in daily to get memory chip bundles that can be used to perform additional Personal Files runs, as well as stamina refills.

On July 11, all double Digicash purchase bonuses will reset.

Due to the issues with the livestream (multiple stream crashes), 520 digicash will be given out to all players as compensation.

Other Game Stuff

Opal Vouchers added to the battlepass

Limited Operative/Weapon Reruns

All limited SSR operatives and weapons released prior to v1.6 will be available on a special rerun banner. Items available are:

Acacia - KaguyaPine Aurora
Chenxing - Ethereal CloudAnti-Evil Ward
Haru - Absconditus16-Psyche
Mauxir - Shadow KaAlloy Truth
Tess - The MagicianEccentric Joker
Katya - Blue BoltNeptune Nova
Eatchel - The CubBlitzing Fangs

Limited Weapon Parts

Complete daily missions to get currency that can be used to purchase limited weapon parts from previous events.

Dorm Expansion

Give your tired operatives massages, and be graded on how good of a job you did at touching Fenny's feet.

Additionally, new areas are planned for the dorms, including a pool, bar, and spa.

Main Menu Backgrounds

Finally. Additional backgrounds and menu music will be available in the future.

Music Player

Available from the base dorms.

Outfit Features

An outfit viewer is planned, as well as the option to randomly select an outfit to be used in missions.

"Visual" Enhancements

Enhanced "movement" technology
Additional outfit variations being considered
Obligatory feet optimization

IRL News

Snowbreak X Shoo Long Kan Hotpot

Yes, Snowbreak-themed hotpot. I'll try and see if I can get Seasun to send me one (no promises though).

Snowbreak X T-Union Transit Pass

T-Union is a type of transit card used across China. Now you can see your favourite Snowbreak operatives every time you pay for your bus fare (if you live in China).

Snowbreak X Alipay Travel

Featuring special check-in events (in China), branded merchandise, and themed transportation cards.


No specific details announced. I'll also see if I can get Seasun to send me these.

Reward Codes

  • AdjutantPower
  • GreatWaifus
  • SnowBro
  • PeakOfSnowbreak

Redeeming all the codes will grant these rewards:

I forgot to click "claim all" which is why it's split into two images. Sorry.