News Wire: Virtual Breach Nerfs, More Hero Games Entries, and Anniversary Banner Details

And the difficulty keeps on going down...

Difficulty Tweak

It was recently announced that the wave defense game mode Virtual Breach from the current Realm of Illusions update would be getting changes main aimed at reducing its difficulty:

  • The number of Simplistic Sentries (the mobile armored turrets) spawning in wave 6 would be "optimised" [read: reduced]
  • Changes to enemy and explosive barrel spawn locations
  • The special task "defeat five enemies at the same time with an ultimate ability" now only requires four enemies
  • The number of Adventist Archer spawns has been reduced, and their spawn locations have been adjusted to make them easier to hit

It's not clear why this is being done, since there are multiple difficulty levels to choose from if one proves to be too hard. One can only guess.

Hero Gaming

From the same announcement, the final Hero Games event mission will have its completion conditions lowered. It will now only require 12 successful runs, rather than the previous 15. As well, two bonus entries will be given to all players after the change to the mission and Virtual Breach is implemented sometime this week.

Dawn Removed

In a Bilibili post by Snowbreak producer ChongChong, he stated that because of negative feedback towards Battlefront game modes like Dawn Restored, these types of events would be remade, and that we would no longer see this game mode in the future.

From various discussions in the community, it can be seen that the majority of complaints towards this game mode are that it's heavily timegated, repetitive, and too hard, which I personally find to be rather curious. While the timegating is not appreciated, almost all event game modes suffer from this problem (and it's not just Snowbreak that does this either). Whether it's Hero Games limiting the amount of entries that can be obtained per day, or Brave Squad slowly unlocking higher difficulty levels over five days, Battlefront game modes fit right into that behavior, though the timegating is admittedly a bit worse due to having more individual stages that can be drip fed. As for repetitiveness, that's not a rare trait among event game modes either, with one of the current event game modes (Virtual Breach) essentially boiling down to "clear the same ten or so waves of enemies until you finish the points ladder."

And with regards to the difficulty - yes, this is arguably one of the harder event game modes. But it's not like the other game modes have any actual difficulty to them either (despite the issues people evidently seem to having with Virtual Breach...), and this iteration of it is arguably the easiest one yet - anyone struggling to get the required amount of points need only consult the budget guide that I posted a few days ago for assistance.

So with this event being taken out back, hopefully it'll be replaced something capable of providing a proper challenge to players.

Anniversary Banner

When MuMu, another one of Snowbreak's producers, first shared details about how the banners for the game's upcoming anniversary would work, there was quite a bit of backlash as the CN community was not very pleased about the planned details. Pity counts would not be carried over from normal banners, and the banners themselves would not rerun except on full and half anniversaries.

After seeing player responses, these plans were quickly walked back:

  • Pities on current gacha banners will carry over to the special anniversary banners
  • The banners themselves will be rerun just like any other limited banner in the game
  • There would not be any plans to introduce "extra-limited" banners like they had originally planned

Some good news, no doubt.