News Wire: [UPDATED] v1.8 Skins Teaser, Hero Games Announcement and State of EN VAs

Courtesy of the world's worst-positioned security camera

v1.8 Skins Teaser


Fritia (Little Sunshine)

This is SPECULATION, but the Fritia skin looks to be from the Bright-Star Ticket Shop like with the other battle damaged skins. This would likely leave one of the other three to be from the battle pass.

Hero Games Returns

Hero Games, the co-op mode that's everyone's favourite because it's several minutes faster than normal Gigalink, will be making a return for a week starting on May 23. Consume 200 stamina every day to get an entry, with an additional entry being given out for free daily during the period as well. Consuming stamina on the first day before the event opens will count towards earning entries, but will require additional stamina to be consumed to refresh the counter and obtain the entry. The developers will be sending a free 60AP refill to all players that day to compensate.

EN Voiceover Update

No, it's still not coming back.

But for a different reason now. Seasun was actually interested in bringing the EN voiceover back thanks to the game's upward trend in popularity, but the former VAs reportedly are no longer interested due to the game's shift towards more fanservice content. As well, attempts were made to reach out to other talents to recast characters, but they were ultimately unable to find an EN agency to facilitate this.

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