Star Master: Challenge Clear Guide (Part 2)

A guide on catching them all as your real test, and training them as your cause.

This guide covers stages 13-24 of the Star Master clear stages. If you're still on one of the first 12 stages, see part one of this guide here.

If you're reading this, that means you've made it to the back half of the clear stages. Congrats! You're so close, so let's finish things up. The strategy for these stages is mostly the same in concept, but with some changes.

Trail Blazing

While you can start stage 13 at just Trailblaze level 11, I recommend getting to at least level 21. This unlocks the remainder of the stages, increases the level of your recruits, and also ensures you'll have five slots to bring a full party of recruits. The most efficient way to do this is by refreshing Veteran Planet and only capturing the gold rarity unit, then immediately refreshing again to repeat the process. With the double XP bonus available currently, that means you get 6000 XP per refresh, which, along with how quickly you can go to the next refresh due to only having to capture one unit, lets you powerlevel surprisingly quickly.

That being said, if you don't have at least three Adventist Archers, I would make sure to pick some of those up too, as you'll be needing them for the clear stages. You can also get more as desired to minmax on stats and skills, which I covered in part 1.

Slotting Up

Now that you have the full five party slots, it's time to fill them with recruits. It's honestly pretty straightforward.

You'll be using this for all of the last 12 stages.

Bring three Adventist Archers and two melee tanks. I used the Screw since those are easy to get and I'm pretty sure everyone has a few in their inventory, but you can use fancier alternatives if you want.

As for your Yggdrasil operatives, Nita and Cherno are still very useful, and will be remaining in your lineup. The last slot, however, now goes to probably the last operative you'd expect.

Why does Marian of all operatives have a taunt? Why is she the only operative with a taunt?

Marian - Queen of Pain's standard summon deploys a a clone that attracts enemy aggro. She is somehow also the only operative in the game that can do this. This means that she becomes surprisingly useful in redirecting enemy attacks away from your recruits. Summoning the clone will cause your recruits to stop attacking sometimes for whatever reason, but being able to redirect certain high-damage attacks is well worth it.

Stage Clears

The overall strategy is still the same as with the first 12 stages; keep enemies CC'd up to give your archers space to kill everything. For more details, I have more details on things to keep in mind on each stage listed below, as well as a video that you can use as a reference.

Stage 13-14

Pretty easy freebies overall. Watch out for the teleporting Changed elite enemy on stage 13, it can do some serious damage if left unchecked.

Stage 15

Break the thumpers so you're not constantly being staggered. They respawn every ten seconds, so don't forget to break the ones that pop up after. The Adventist gunner can be easily killed by breaking his gun.

Stage 16

Boss showdown against Gavin. This is where Marian's taunt becomes really useful, letting you keep Gavin away from your squishy archers, especially important because of his AoE shield/HP triggers. Break his cubes and you should be able to finish him off while he's downed.

Stage 17

The larger drones here will have breakable parts you can destroy, and the Barentsy Pribor sniper will also deploy jamming mines that you can destroy as well. Try to keep the weird two-legged robot thing CC'd as much as possible, because it's a major nuisance when it gets to attack.

Stage 18

Four elite Adventist enemies, all with breakable parts. Shoot 'em up.

Stage 19

That weird squid thing can be a little annoying, but doesn't seem to do a lot of damage at least. The Adventist mage is a much larger nuisance, so use Marian's taunt to redirect its more disruptive attacks.

Stage 20

Three elite Titan enemies. Marian's taunt is again quite useful here. Note that only the elite Titans have to be killed, not the mooks.

Stage 21

Two waves of long-ranged enemies, all with breakable parts for you to exploit. The last wave is comprised of melee drones, but if you've made it this far, they won't be an issue.

Stage 22

Four elite Coyote enemies. Three of them have breakable parts, so take advantage of that.

Stage 23

Joseph boss fight. Again, use Marian's taunt to spare your archers from the worst of Joe's attacks.

Stage 24

The last stage is a boss fight against Hela, who ends up being an absolute freebie of a fight. While you don't bother breaking its armor in normal gameplay, doing so here will basically stunlock Hela for the entire fight while your archers rain down damage, making this extremely easy.

Ranked Time Trial

Unfortunately, you will need some legitimately good recruits and more premium operatives to rank highly here. Reaching Trailblaze level 30 is very important to having better stats on your recruits, so get that done (see the powerlevelling section above). Upgrading your two melee units to Adventist Swordsmen or Coyote Hammers will provide more tanking power, though you can also opt to replace an archer for the Adventist Phantom Gunner for sustained DPS capabilities. Marian loses a lot of value here due to her clone having a tendency to temporarily brick your recruits. Replacing one or more of your operatives with SSRs like Lyfe - Wild Hunt, Enya - Exuvia, or Acacia - Kaguya can help bring more AoE CC to keep enemies at bay, because they do eventually hurt quite a bit.