Eatchel Gustav Ability Preview

Paw(print) Patrol.

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The hunt is over, meat's on the menu tonight!

Weapon: Shotgun
Element: Kinetic
Role: Healer

Birthday: November 29
Height: 155cm

"While there's no one around, you can secretly...Eh!? When did you come back!?"
"I did well today, please give me a reward!"

Standard Ability: Territory Patrol

Eatchel tip: [Forest Wind] shots do damage based on a proportion of the amount healed by this ability, so increasing Eatchel's healing effectiveness can increase the damage~

Eatchel dashes a short distance and uses [Predatory Wind] to pull in all nearby enemies, dealing Kinetic damage. After damaging enemies with this ability, heal for a certain amount. As well, Eatchel's next two shots gain [Forest Wind], dealing piercing Kinetic damage to enemies hit. This has a maximum number of enemies it can hit.

Neuronic 1: [Forest Wind] shots no longer consume ammo.
Neuronic 2: The maximum number of enemies that [Forest Wind] shots can hit is increased.

Support Ability: Fierce Bite

Eatchel tip: When a teammate's life is in danger, Eatchel's support skill can effectively restore the teammate's health, and it can also be used to deal with situations where you're surrounded by multiple enemy targets.

Eatchel pounces on the targeted enemy, knocking them back and dealing Kinetic damage. Once leaving the field, heal all nearby allies for a certain amount.

Neuronic 1: Fierce Bite will also stun the target.
Neuronic 2: Increases Fierce Bite's healing effect.

Ultimate Ability: Dawn That Tears Away Hunger and Cold

Eatchel tip: The additional attack provided by [Pawprints] will also be affected by a certain percentage of Eatchel's healing bonus. The charging efficiency of [Pawprints] will be affected by the amount of Ultimate damage dealt, so increasing Eatchel's healing bonus and attack will boost Eatchel's capabilities.

(Yes, the ability name is about that long in Chinese, too. This is the most sensible translation I could come up with.)

Eatchel transforms into a fusion state and carries out a rapid series of attacks, dealing Kinetic damage, knocking up enemies hit, and healing all team members. Damage dealt is also partially stored as charges for her [Pawprints].
Passive: After using her ultimate, Eatchel gains a certain number of empty [Pawprints] that can be charged by her ultimate ability. [Pawprints] slowly decay over time, with the most-charged [Pawprint] decaying first. When an active ally's HP is below a certain percentage of their maximum HP, [Pawprints] will be consumed to heal the ally. As well, [Pawprints] provide a teamwide attack boost based on the total charge. This attack boost is affected by Eatchel's healing bonus stat.

Neuronic 1: After attacking, if the amount of fully charged [Pawprints] is less than 2, receive an additional charging buff until 2 [Pawprints] are fully charged.
Neuronic 2: Each [Pawprint] that fully decays will release a certain proportion of its charged energy as healing.

Deiwos Passive: Deep Blessings

Increases Eatchel's healing bonus stat, with an additional increase based on her Alignment Index.