Event Details: Star Master

Gotta catch 'em all!

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Star Master is a game mode that will be available during the Gradient of Souls event.

Yggdrasil Entertainment - new game recommendation
This week's featured game: Star Master
Expected rating: ★★★★★
Game type: Simulated capture
Producer: Acacia / Level designer: Lyfe / Combat designer: Haru
Main programmer: Fritia / Music production: Katya / Copywriter: now recruiting
Playtest lead, top player, and Acacia's beloved: Adjutant

Acacia: Adjutant, check out the new game I developed. It's inspired by the battles we have experienced together. Do you wanna be the first to try it?

The first beta test of "Star Master" created by leading developer Acacia is now open! Adjutants are sincerely invited to experience the fun capture gameplay. You can recruit former enemies to become your comrades, coordinate your attacks and command your forces, and become the new star of the universe!


  • Event shop currency
  • Avatar profile
  • Digicash
  • Silverbucks
  • Operative XP
  • Logistics XP
  • Neuronics materials

Update: It seems that the avatar profile (top middle) has been swapped out for a new one:

Game Mode Details

Acacia: Since this is the first beta, I made two planets to test the waters. If you want to know about future development plans, come to my room tonight and I'll let you know.

In Star Master, there will be two planets available, and the enemies that can be captured on each planet are refreshed every day. You can use special reroll currency provided by Acacia to immediately refresh the targets that can be captured on any planet! Players can get 200 reroll currency every day.

Acacia: Hey Adjutant, I know these guys aren't as good as me, they can still give a taste of what it's like to be a boss... wait, I forgot that you're my boss.

The capture roster includes various types of enemies. After the first successful capture of a recruit, you'll unlock their corresponding capture entry. Every successful capture will grant Trailblaze experience, which will increase your Trailblaze level. This will increase the combat performance of captured recruits and grant level up rewards, as well as increasing the cost point cap of your teams (captured recruits cost a certain amount of points to be put in a team) and allowing you to capture stronger recruits.

Acacia: Commanding in battle, utilizing talent... these are what Adjutants are best at. I don't have to tell you how to do it.

Players can view and manage captured recruits through the corresponding menu. Here you can also set your teams that will be sent into battle, and view detailed information on each individual recruit.

Acacia: Capture... or uh, the process of recruiting is the fun part of the game. Pretend there's a ball in your hand and capture them all!

After landing on a planet, players can see teleport points around the world, where the map of the planet can be viewed.

At teleport points, you can fast travel to other points and adjust your team lineups. You can view the map at any time by pressing Escape, but you can only fast travel and adjust your teams at teleportation points.

The top right section of the map menu will show targets that can be captured. Players can also mark locations on the map to receive a waypoint that will help with navigation.

Blue exclamation marks on the map indicate that an event is taking place. After completing these events, capture targets will be displayed on the map. As well, players can find capture targets by exploring the world, which will also mark them on the map.

When in a capture encounter, the enemy that can be captured will have a yellow marker. After defeating said enemy, the mark will turn blue. Then, you can perform the capture. Successful captures will lead to the enemy being recruited and reward experience.

Note that capture targets can escape. If they get too far away, the capture attempt may fail.

Acacia: Capture time is over, it's time to show off your skills!

As you capture more enemies, you can test your strength in two challenge modes. In the Clear Stage mode, players will complete various challenges with their recruits to gain rewards. In the Time Trial mode, players must complete the objectives in a certain amount of time; defeat as many enemies as possible to gain more points.

Acacia: This is called worldbuilding. Sometimes, being a wise and courageous leader is more important than just charging into battle. This is what the Adjutant taught me.

The planet environment will have a large effect on enemies, increasing their combat capabilities as well as those of captured recruits. As well, the damage dealt by operatives will also be greatly reduced. Taking advantage of these effects is the key to victory!

Acacia: If you have any feedback, feel free to discuss it with me whenever. You'll always be the number one player in my game.