News Wire: v1.7 Quality of Life Features

Mild snark warning.

In combat, maintaining supplies is very important. In order to provide Adjutants with a better combat experience, Yggdrasil's τ has decided to officially implement a new and upgraded supply system in the near future.

Courtesy of CN side, a news post where basically everything is stuff that's been covered in the main event details post. So if you've already read through that, you're probably just here for the chibi Cherno dialogue. But I mean, you could find worse uses of your time.

Additional Battlepass Rewards

Cherno: For the Adjutant... Cherno will do anything. Okay, can you pat Cherno's head again?

The free basic pass will reward an extra 4 large AP refills (60AP each) and 2 Revision Applications (logistics stat rerollers). The paid premium pass will reward 16 large AP refills and 8 Revision Applications. But you probably already knew this.

Weapon Tickets Added to Shop

Cherno: Re-rewards? Being with the Adjutant is the absolute best reward Cherno has ever gotten.

Uhhhh... yeah. What the header text says. Both limited and standard weapon tickets will be added to the Quality Rationing shop (uses Rationing Code) and the Selected Rewards shop (uses Reward Code).

Limited Logistics Farming

Cherno: Cherno will do everything she can for the Adjutant! This is... the responsibility of your exclusive maid...

There will be a new permanent method of obtaining previously-limited event logistics. That's it, that's basically all the information that the post gives.

I mean, besides Cherno declaring her dedication to you, the Adjutant. That's always important.

Limited Weapon Ticket Login Campaign

Cherno: Welcome home... Adjutant, would you like a shower?

Log in between May 1 - May 15 to get up to ten limited weapon banner tickets. This section seemed too short so to make it look like there's actually meaningful content, I asked ChatGPT to write 100 words on why giving out free login rewards is good:

Providing free login rewards in gacha games offers players incentives to engage regularly, fostering a sense of commitment and loyalty. These rewards often include valuable in-game currency, items, or characters, enhancing the player's experience without requiring monetary investment. Free login rewards also democratize access to premium content, allowing all players, regardless of financial capacity, to enjoy the game's full potential. Moreover, they serve as a gesture of appreciation from developers towards their player base, strengthening the community's bond. Ultimately, free login rewards contribute to a more inclusive and enjoyable gaming environment while encouraging sustained player participation and support.

Thrilling stuff.

Limited-Time New Paradoxical Labyrinth Mode

Cherno: All the problems have been resolved... Cherno will also do her best fighting for the Adjutant!

From May 2 - May 23, a new Paradoxical Labyrinth mode will be available. By completing limited-time missions, you can obtain limited weapon banner tickets, a new profile namecard, digicash, Carbon Atomic Plates (SSR weapon uncap mat), and Opal Vouchers, (dorm currency). Half of the items on that list weren't even in the actual post (I got the info from the patch notes), but I included them anyways because there's no point in leaving out information on purpose.

Hopefully you learned something new, or at least were mildly entertained.