Featured Logistics Set: Dziady Squad Details

Wait, so we can stack DoTs now?

Names and details are subject to change.

2-Piece Effect

Increase skill damage

3-Piece Effect

Damage dealt by DoT effects (Gashed, Burn, Frostbite, Static, and Dazed) applied by the equipped operative is increased. For each stack of a DoT applied, the damage dealt by that DoT effect ignores a certain amount of the enemy's defense.

So, does that imply that DoT effects can now stack?

Logistics Officer Profiles


Mukhina was born in a west coast city in Yehrus, where she worked as a biologist and designer. After joining the Barentsy Pribor R&D department, she started conducting bionics-related research and transferred to Yggdrasil three years later. She is particularly interested in the marine life of Yehrus' North Sea, and has made many trips to the always-frozen sea to do research.


After graduating, Skat chose to study the cold-resistant mammals in the Yehrus snowfields. Her strong overtime work ethic caught the attention of various Adjutants. Occasionally, when Adjutants need to stay up late for various reasons, they'd go to the R&D department to have a cup of her latte. As a result, Skat has complained about these so-called "latte pirates."


Alya was born in a forest sea in central Yehrus. She's been in love with the native birds of Yehrus ever since she was a child. As an adult, she became a famous bird photographer in Yehrus. After the Descent, she joined Barentsy Pribor to study the impacts of Titagen pollution on birds, before joining Yggdrasil.