Featured Weapon: Uninvited Adieu Details

Bye bye!

The last weapon designed by the founder of Banshee Optical before retiring, it highlights their beautiful and unique personal style as well as their reluctance to give up the career they love.

Details are subject to change.

Weapon type: SMG
Element: Chaos
Magazine size: 80
Rate of fire: 950

Weapon Skills

  • Increase Chaos damage
  • When the equipped operative deals skill damage, apply [Parting Words] to the target, which increases all Dazed (DoT effect, similar to Burn but deals Chaos damage) damage the target takes for a period of time. This also grants the equipped operative a stack of [Reunion Hymn] for a period of time. If the equipped operative deals damage to the target again while [Parting Words] is applied, the duration refreshes and the equipped operative gains additional stacks of [Reunion Hymn]. Each stack of [Reunion Hymn] increases the damage enemies take from [Disorientation] type damage, up to a maximum number of stacks. If the equipped operative has maximum stacks stacks of [Reunion Hymn], the increase is further boosted.