Featured Logistics Set – Hjartagard Squad Details

Get ready for the Ultimate "Praise"!

Names and details are subject to final EN localisation.

2-Piece Set Effect

Increases U-Energy Recovery by 40%.

3-Piece Set Effect

When the equipped operative uses an ultimate ability, they will obtain the [Enthusiastic Praise] buff for 25 seconds. While [Enthusiastic Praise] is in effect, all damage dealt by active operatives is increased by 20%. If an operative other than the equipped operative uses their ultimate ability when [Enthusiastic Praise] is active, the effect of [Enthusiastic Praise] is increased by 25% (this effect has can only be triggered once every 30 seconds). The duration of [Enthusiastic Praise] cannot be extended, and only one [Enthusiastic Praise] effect can be active at a time. [Enthusiastic] has a cooldown of 30 seconds before it can be activated again.

Logistics Officer Profiles


Compared to her parents, who are senior researchers, Iben's talent in scientific research is even greater. But in terms of interpersonal communication and life skills, Iben seems to be clueless.


Sjolett has no higher education experience and calls herself an amateur with drones. Although her height makes it difficult for her to stand out in the crowd, her inseparable drone has become her best eyes and ears.


Gefur was injured by an explosion following the Descent. After recovering, she was invited to join Yggdrasil. She personally insists that the problem of Titagen contamination should be solved as soon as possible so she can return home. To do this, she will overcome any obstacle.