Featured Weapon – Eccentric Joker Details

The joke's on YOU! And your U-Energy gain too, I guess.

Banshee Optical has achieved the ultimate level of personalization, not only reducing the weight of the gun but also giving it a gorgeous appearance. The manufacturer firmly believes that there will be beautiful warriors using this weapon.

Names and details are subject to final EN localisation.

Weapon Type: Sniper rifle
Element: Electric
Magazine size: 8
Rate of fire: 75

Weapon Skill

  • Increases the maximum amount of U-Energy that can be stored.
  • After the equipped operative uses an ultimate ability, they will obtain the [Encore Performance] buff for a certain period of time. While in effect, the equipped operative's U-Energy generation rate is increased, and all damage dealt by active operatives is increased. If the equipped operative is off the field while the buff is active, then the effects of [Encore Performance] will be further increased. Only one [Encore Performance] buff can be active at a time.