Featured Logistics Set: Scarab Squad Details

Is this a logistics squad or a Honkai Impact: 3rd stigmata set?

Names and details are subject to change.

Two-Piece Effect

Increase attack and maximum HP.

Three-Piece Effect

When Siris - Ksana's [Resurrection] stacks increases, she gains a stack of [Re-Animated] up to a max, increasing Thermal damage. When Siris does not have any stacks of [Resurrection], remove all [Re-Animated] stacks. When [Resurrection] reaches a certain number of stacks, further increase Thermal damage.

[Editor's note: yes, the three-piece effect specifically mentions Siris and a specific buff that only she can generate. What the hell?]

Logistics Officer Profiles


Modelly once worked as a senior researcher in Ramses Group's Neuroscience Laboratory. She has a cheerful personality and often acts as a psychologist to provide psychological counseling and treatment for other operatives. She is currently compiling the stories she's heard into a book. When the psychology course that Modelly applied for opened, she insisted that the Adjutant participate in the teaching as a special teaching assistant. The reason is that the Adjutant is of sound mind and is familiar with many logistics squads, which is very helpful for teaching.


Eibach's life creed is to do things by herself. She loves food and wine, so she also learned to brew and cook. After joining Yggdrasil, Eibach often tinkered with various new dishes in the kitchen of the logistics office. After applying for the position, Eibach is currently working as the Adjutant's exclusive nutritionist.

"Although the Adjutant's physique is already stronger than most people, he still needs to consume enough nutrients to support mental work."

Today, the Adjutant also regularly receives Eibach's special dairy products.


Rapuk has great enthusiasm for combat missions, but due to her lack of experience, she's strictly prohibited from entering combat zones. With special approval from Director Tau, she now follows the Adjutant as an accompanying secretary. After Rapuk caused trouble and turned the logistics department upside down for the twelfth time, the depressed Adjutant unexpectedly received a letter. This handwritten letter expressed gratitude to the Adjutant for taking care of his daughter, and the signature at the end identified the other person as the man who controlled most of the Ramses Group.