v1.8 Maintenance Overview

v1.8 "Realm of Illusion" server maintenance details

Maintenance starts at 30/5/2024, 1:00PM (UTC+8). Convert to your time zone here. It is expected to last seven hours.

Maintenance rewards: 420 Digicash, 25,000 Silverbucks, 1 60AP stamina refill

The following is a selection of notable items from the full maintenance notes. You can read that here.

  • Added content related to v1.8 "Realm of Illusion." View full event details here.
  • Added a new permanent operation, "Arms Hub." You will be able to farm for currency that can be used to purchase limited event shop weapons.
  • Added Gigalink AFK detection, marking players detected as AFK for others to see during matchmaking.
  • Added Meursault combat voice lines to Cherno - Enigma.
  • Added the display of the weapon parameter [Ammo Type] (editor's note: I have no idea what this means, but it's hopefully something useful).
  • Added additional lore definitions to previous main story chapters
  • Added adjustment of auto playback speed for cutscenes, up to 4x speed.
  • Added additional interactions and voice lines to Enya - Exuvia's "Tender Cure" interactive scene. Currently, only Chinese voice lines will be added, with Japanese voice lines being added at a later date.
  • Added new daily task, "consume 180 presence" (editor's note: this should make it so that you can complete one fewer daily task like upgrading a weapon, logistics piece, or operative, as you dump your stamina into some autofarm or another every day anyways.)
  • Improved controller settings

Also, a bunch of relatively minor bugfixes.