“Lunar Entropy” Event Details

The dark side of the moon beckons. Happy April Fools!

“As the cosmos watches, old gods awaken to reclaim their birthright.”

Event starts on April 19, 2024. An account level of 20 or higher is needed to participate.

The following information was revealed via an erroneous Weibo post that has since been deleted. Many visual assets were not made a part of the usual news post, so many sections here will be missing images until the official preview is actually released.

New Content

New SSR Operative: Lyfe - Odin Unleashed

Just as she’d thought that she had left her past behind, a dark vision forces her to make a desperate deal with the Manifestation lurking below the surface. Only time will tell if it will consume her outright.

Element: Electric
Weapon: Sniper
Role: hybrid DPS

Standard skill: Valhallan Fury

Lyfe sends a surge of lightning at an enemy that chains to nearby targets, or the same target multiple times if no other enemies are present. Each hit applies a random debuff. Skill hits also increase the ballistic damage and critical damage of her next shot. Damage increases based on the number of enemies hit, but the cooldown is reduced for each additional hit on the initial target. 

Support skill: Insight of Draupnir

Lyfe blesses the active operative, doubling the amount of bullets fired from each shot for a period of time. The additional bullets generate Hugin stacks for the active operative, while the normal bullets apply Munin stacks to the enemy. Hugin stacks increase attack and Munin stacks increase the damage taken from critical hits.

Ultimate skill: All-Father’s Wrath

Lyfe overloads her Theotropic nerves and enters a Berserker state, drastically increasing her attack, rate of fire, and reload speed, as well as granting increased S-Energy regeneration and skill haste. While in this state, Valhallan Fury hits on enemies will Ground them, preventing them from dashing, jumping, or teleporting. Being in Berserker state drains health every second, and lasts until all of Lyfe’s health is consumed or upon recasting to end the Berserker state early.

Deiwos passive: Pride of the Aesir

Skill hits mark enemies to take extra ballistic damage, with the bonus damage increasing for every 100 Alignment Index.

Featured SSR Weapon: All-Seeing Eye

Weapon Type: Sniper rifle
Element: Electric
Magazine size: 10
Rate of fire: 40

  • Increases Electric damage, critical hit damage, and skill damage
  • When attacking an enemy, increase the effects of all critical hit damage buffs and restore HP based on the number of status conditions that the enemy has.

Featured Logistics Set: Valkyrie Squad

2-piece effect: increase ballistic damage and skill damage
3-piece effect: when the equipped operative’s skill hits an enemy, gain Einherjar stacks. Each Einherjar stack increases ballistic damage and skill damage. When the equipped operative lands a critical hit, the effectiveness of each stack is increased temporarily.

Members: Brynhildr, Ortlinde, Aslaug


  • Lyfe will get the Advanced Competition Regulation Dartboard, and Chenxing will get the Guided Meditation Trainer. Both will be available in Gigi’s Finest, and will have a temporary 20% discount.
  • No mention of new dorms, it does not seem any are planned to be added

Gameplay Content

Main Story: Chapter 13

“After resolving the crisis in Yehrus, the Heimdall Force looked to deal with the existence of Titagen Trees in other containment zones. But a distress beacon from an ancient wreck sends them to the moon, where they must confront one of Yggdrasil and humanity’s darkest secrets.”

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