News Wire: Version 1.7 News, Official Response to CN Leaks

It's not an April Fool's joke this time, I promise.

A few hours ago, Seasun noticed several leaks of the next major update (1.7) circulating around CN social media, and have released an official statement with some information in order to dispel any rumours and reassure players about what's actually happening.

Reports of a dual SSR banner were being spread and this turned out to be true, but with a twist: one of the SSR operatives that would be featured in the next update, Enya - Exuvia, was actually planned to be a free login reward. This was intended to be a surprise, so Seasun (and Enya) ask that you feign ignorance:

Although there will be some twists and turns, the Adjutant will still definitely hold Enya's hand in the end~


Adjutant, can you just pretend you didn't know?


Also in v1.7, there are plans to add new sources for gacha pulls and upgrade materials through various event rewards. As well, there will be a way to permanently farm previously-limited event logistics sets. The next update also will have new gameplay modes, with the hope to bring new experiences to players. There will also be a way to archive the various special mail messages that characters will send to players, allowing for players to "treasure those beautiful moments."

Below are some internal messages that Seasun included as proof that they always had intentions of giving out SSR Enya for free (note that content here is NOT the final version and still subject to change):

An attached document, with a followup message noting that it contains information about version 1.7 and the free SSR Enya reward. Message is timestamped January 30.
Discussion confirming that Enya would be given out for free in the second half of the event. Conversation starts on January 18 and continues to January 24.
A pre-production preview of promotional material advertising SSR Enya as a login reward. Interestingly enough, the date range given is from January 18 to May 7.

The official trailer for v1.7 is scheduled for April 11.