News Wire: Enya Interactive Scene Improvements, Permanent Skin Discounts, and Bugfixes

Making a "scene" about it

The release of Enya - Exuvia and her related cosmetics has had a rocky start. Multiple bugs have been reported, and some felt that her purchasable interactive scene was limited in functionality for the price. Ever quick to respond, Seasun has put up a post on CN social media with plans to address these concerns.

Cosmetics and Scenes

Getting right to the point, the development team plans to add ten new voice lines and five new interactions to Enya - Exuvia's "Tender Cure" interactive scene. These are planned to be released in v1.8, at which point it will also be rerun alongside Enya's "Kiss Be The Remedy" skin.

Furthermore, it has been announced that in the future any skins and their associated accessories that are rerun will be rerun at the original discounted price they were sold for. This also applies to skin bundles. The first of this will be the previously mentioned "Kiss Be The Remedy" skin and "Tender Cure" interactive scene for Enya.


  • Fixed abnormal leg posing in Enya - Exuvia's "Tender Cure" interactive scene
  • Fixed Enya - Exuvia not being able to use her support skill in Gigalink and Paradoxical labyrinth
  • Fixed Areca Squad not being marked as a recommended logistics set for Enya - Exuvia
  • Fixed incorrect values for the skill damage boost being displayed in Enya - Exuvia's skill descriptions (actual functionality is not bugged)
  • Fixed Enya - Exuvia's ultimate ability not taking effect at times
  • Fixed abnormalities with Abyssal Light's visual appearance when equipped with the Dark Alsophila suppressor
  • (Likely CN-only) Fixed Channel 5 of global chat being renamed Channel 0 due to reaching the maximum number of users per channel
  • Fixed Katya - Blue Bolt's explosive arrow visual effects not displaying at times

These bugfixes are planned to be implemented as soon as possible.