Featured Weapon: Abyssal Light Details

Making "Light" work of it

Khipu Group's first semi-automatic pistol, attention was paid to make sure it was not inferior in power to other products, while its appearance caters to the tastes of the younger generation as much as possible.

Details are subject to final EN localization and changes.

Weapon type: Pistol
Element: Electric
Magazine size: 12
Rate of fire: 240

Weapon Skills

  • Increase the equipped operative's skill damage, and when the equipped operative is not active, increase the active operative's skill damage.
  • When this weapon is equipped, other operatives dealing active skill damage will apply [Free Light] to enemies hit. When the equipped operative deals active skill damage to enemies with [Free Light] , [Free Light] is cleared to apply a stack of [Caught Light] instead. Each stack of [Caught Light] on an enemy increases the amount of skill damage they receive. Applying stacks of [Caught Light] will also reset its duration.