News Wire: “Orlova Mansion” Lore Drop

Who are you, Tatiana Orlova?

Recently posted by CN media is this lore drop about the "Orlova Mansion:"

Owned by Duchess Orlova, it is one of the family assets she inherited. Tatiana Orlova held a ball here, using the name of the ball to win over the wavering nobles.

The name "Tatiana Orlova" holds special significance as the "Elegant Woman" who appears in Chapter 12 of the main story, Perilous Snowpath.

In the Progress 3 cutscene, τ speaks with a mysterious "Elegant Woman" about delivering a "large gift" to her that would be escorted by the Heimdall Force.

Later in Progress 4, it's revealed that the person receiving this gift would be none other than Tatiana Orlova.

This gives us a face to the name, and also confirms her appearance in the Perilous Snowpath trailer as well.

Only time will tell us what her role in the upcoming update will be.