“Ballad of Chaos” Event Details

It's time to have a ball.

The grandest ball in Yehrus will be held tonight at the Orlova Mansion. Join the carnival! Absurdity is allowed here, falsehoods are praised, and you can enjoy the dancing steps of disorderly intruders that stab like sharpened swords, but beware the predator behind the scenes tearing apart the fine cobwebs.
...Be careful.
"Good boy, I will... catch you."

The night is changing, and dawn is coming.

Event starts on January 18, 2024. An account level of 20 or higher is required to participate.

Names and other details are subject to final changes and EN localization.

New Content

New SSR Operative: Katya Klein

A former external security expert from the Security Department of Yggdrasil, she became a resonance ghost together with the rest of Checker Squad in the Fifth Research Institute. After Checker Squad's revenge plan failed, she was accidentally expelled from the resonance and regained her physical form. A dangerous crossbow-wielding assassin, she always strikes from the most unexpected angles.

The crossbow she uses will be an entirely new weapon type. You can find more details about her abilities here.

Katya Klein Outfit: Graceful Danseuse

"You helped me escape that suffocating ball. It's only fair that I thank you with a dance."

Will be available in the paid shop from January 18 to February 15. This outfit has special effects.

Fritia - Hush Outfit: Symphony of Frenzy

"Explosives can cause harm in the hands of bad guys, but they can create happiness in the hands of Professor Fritia!"

Will be available in the paid shop from January 18 to March 7.

Acacia - Kaguya Outfit: Allure of Lotus

"Riding the eastern tide I come before thee. Sign thy pact, young hero, and together in battle we shall be~"

Will be available in the paid shop from February 8 to February 26.

Haru - Absconditus Outfit: Covert Zephyr

"I don't take too many weapons with me when I'm stealthily infiltrating an area or conducting surveillance…"

Will be available from the premium battlepass.

Fenny - Lionheart Outfit: Indomitable Charm

"Hmph, you thought my spirits would be crushed after a couple little setbacks? Not a chance!"

Will be available from the "Choice Products" shop, using Bright-Star Tickets from daily logins with the monthly digicash pass.

Lyfe - Wild Hunt Outfit (Rerun): Nightfall Scarlet

"For this battle, I learned some of Fenny's lines for Mingdeng Jie… Relax a bit — what does that mean?"

Will be available in the paid shop from January 18 to March 7.

New SSR Weapon: Neptune Nova

Quite the looker. Katya looks alright too, I guess.

You can learn more about its details here.

New Logistics Set: Eli Squad

Will be available through the event shop.

You can learn more about its details here.

No, that doesn't say "ANM."

Katya Added to Dorms

Nita's still dormless, eh?

In addition, Katya will receive the "Smart Bar" interactive furniture and Fenny will receive the "Perfect Display Case" interactive furniture. Both items will have a temporary 20% discount.

Gacha Banners

"Shadows of Indigo" Limited Operative Banner

January 18 - February 15
Rate-up for SSR operative "Katya - Blue Bolt”

"Seastar in Solitude" Limited Weapon Banner

January 18 - February 15
Rate-up for SSR crossbow "Neptune Nova"

"Gladius Within" Limited Operative Banner Rerun

February 8 - March 7
Rate-up for SSR operative "Haru - Absconditus"

"Cataclysm of Steel" Limited Weapon Banner Rerun

February 8 - March 7
Rate-up for SSR pistol "16-Psyche"

Gameplay Content

Main Story Chapter 12 (Part 1)

The Adjutant took the train to Northwind Aerospace Center. As he checked on Eatchel, an illusion appeared before his eyes...

They finally arrived at Duchess Orlova's mansion, where an extravagant masquerade ball was underway. During the ball, the Adjutant spotted a familiar woman. Inside the reception room, the Duchess said that the mansion had been infiltrated. To protect Eatchel, the Adjutant had to resolve the crisis.

Players will be able to play through chapter 12 even without completion of previous chapters.

Chapter 12 Boss: Njáll

New Area: Orlov Mansion

Make up your mind Seasun, is it Orlov or Orlova?

New Area: Barentsy Pribor Bunker

Horizon Defenders

February 5 - February 19

Solo wave defense, now with machine gun turrets.

Bulwark Hymn

January 22 - February 6

Solo/co-op boss rush with multiple difficulty levels. Expect co-op ranking leaderboards. Difficulty levels open on the following days:

Easy: January 22
Normal: January 23
Hard: January 24
Danger: January 25
Danger (co-op): January 26

Endless Battle

February 19 - March 4

Co-op wave defense.

Login Events

Gala of Glory

Log in for seven days to get ten limited operative banner tickets.

Rhapsody of Revival

From February 8 to 29, login for seven days to receive the following rewards:

  • ”Rhythm Star” profile avatar
  • ”New Spring Wishes” chat message skin
  • ”Happy Gachapon”
  • Limited weapon banner tickets (no amount stated)

The Happy Gachapon can be opened to obtain 80 Digicash, 30 Opal Vouchers, or 8888 Silverbucks.

New Year Reward Mail

From February 9 to 11, login every day to get up to three reward mails. Contents for each day are as follows:

  • Limited operative banner ticket x5
  • “Happy Gachapon”
  • Large (60AP) stamina refill x3

Additionally, February 9th’s reward mail will also include the “Tess - Look at Me” sticker pack.

Additional Memory Chips

Log in between January 18 and January 24 to receive 4 Memory Chip bundles every day. Each bundle grants 3 Memory Chips for use in Personal Files.

Event Rewards

  • Limited operative banner tickets
  • Digicash
  • SSR weapon attachment "Organ Quiver"
  • SR weapon "Alpine Gentian"
  • "Mask of Mirage" dorm trophy
  • SSR logistics set: Eli Squad
  • Carbon Atomic Plate (SSR weapon uncap mat)
  • Quantum Cell (SSR Neuronic mat)
  • Revision Application
  • Opal Voucher (dorm currency)

Other Additions

New Permanent Game Mode: "Paradoxical Labyrinth"

Opens January 18.
A tactical strategy deduction system developed by the Yggdrasil R&D Department. Adjutants will explore the characteristics of different battle situations, deal with various complex enemy attacks, and deduce the best tactical strategies.

Roguelike game mode. Features Gigalink-style buffs.

You can learn more about this game mode here.

New Stealth Gameplay Mechanics

You can learn more here.

Added Operative Targeting To Standard Operative Banner

You will be able to choose which SSR operative you want to try and obtain, will most likely work like the standard weapon banner.

New Adjutant Appearance Options


“Presence Patrol” Presence Consumption Event

From February 8 to 22, consume stamina to receive points, which can be redeemed for various rewards:

  • Digicash
  • Limited Operative Banner tickets
  • Limited Weapon Banner tickets
  • ”Happy Gachapon”
  • Profile card “Ball Invitation”
  • Revision Application

January 18 Maintenance

This section covers some of the highlights from the maintenance notes. You can read the full maintenance notes here.

Starts on January 18, 13:00 (UTC+8) and is expected to take seven hours.
Maintenance compensation:

  • 420 Digicash
  • 25,000 silverbucks
  • 60AP stamina refill x1

Notable items not already previously covered:

  • Added the ability to add custom names to friends
  • Added markers for Elite enemies while in combat
  • Added the ability to confirm a lower score in Neural Sim, allowing you to “unlock” operatives that have already been committed to a score
  • Attack and attack speed nerfs to Joseph - Hardened