News Wire: Yet Another Katya Buff, Double Support Reruns Confirmed

Prepare for trouble, and make it double.

In a recent update from CN Snowbreak social media accounts, multiple changes were announced to be implemented in the near future. These changes include:

  • Fixes to the model for Acacia - Kaguya's "Allure of Lotus" outfit, specifically with regards to the "upper body," overly stiff hair, and other performance issues. As an apology for these issues, the outfit wil be discounted for a limited time from 98 to 88 Yuan, or roughly 31%. It has not been confirmed whether this discount will apply to global servers as well, but it is likely.
  • Fixes to Katya - Blue Bolt's base model and Graceful Danseuse outfit to alleviate issues with portions of the neck not displaying properly at times.
  • Fixes to certain rooms in Paradoxical Labyrinth not generating properly at times.
  • Increases to the damage dealt by crossbow explosive shot alt-fire, which is effectively a direct buff to Katya, the only crossbow operative in the game.

Additionally, Snowbreak's Bilibili account confirmed in a followup comment that both Acacia - Kaguya and Mauxir - Shadow Ka will be made available on rerun banners in the next update, version 1.6, with players being able to freely choose between banners.