February 1 Maintenance Details and Katya Buffs

Featuring Katya buffs that bring the boom.

Estimated maintenance duration: 1:00PM - 4:00PM, February 1 UTC+8 (convert to your time zone)
Maintenance compensation: 180 Digicash, 10,000 Silverbucks, 1x30 AP refill

"Expedited Promotion" Early Game Progression Campaign

A special set of missions that will award various upgrade materials to help newer players progress. Veteran players will receive retroactive mission completion along with the corresponding rewards where applicable. Expect more details at a later date.

Katya - Blue Bolt Buffs

Crossbow Changes

  • Crossbow alt fire mode reworked: No longer fires a volley of arrows, now fires explosive arrows (single-fire, not a volley) that deal AoE damage.
  • Crossbow operatives will receive a proportional damage increase based on any boosts to critical hit rate and critical damage that they have.
  • Crossbows no longer have a "ramp-up" distance; they now deal the same damage at all ranges

Katya Changes

  • Neuronic 1 now also grants a temporary attack increase after dodging.
  • Manifest 2 now increases S-Energy gained when attacking breakable parts/objects.
  • Manifest 3 further increases the amount of time that can pass before Soul Reader stacks from Manifest 1 begin to decrease.
  • Manifest 5 no longer requires no enemies to be within 10 meters of Katya to gain the boost to Alignment Index.
  • Standard skill allows for activation without a dash when activated without a direction input.
  • Deiwos passive now increases damage dealt by the Aptitude effect to frozen targets.
  • Deiwos passive now increases the Aptitude chance of shots fired in crossbow alt fire mode, but the damage is decreased.
  • Standard skill's Guidance III form now has different S-Energy costs and damage modifiers for crossbow alt fire mode.
  • Ultimate skill now has a new passive: Katya now applies stacks of "Frozen Star" (unofficial translation) to enemies on attacks, with the rate of application varying based on crossbow fire mode. When an enemy reaches a certain number of "Frozen Star" stacks, they will be frozen for a certain amount of time and all "Frozen Star" stacks will be removed. After being frozen by this effect, the amount of "Frozen Star" stacks needed to freeze that specific enemy will increase.

Also, Katya will receive a new "Daily Travel" outfit that apparently removes her prosthetic leg. This outfit will be automatically obtained when Katya is acquired. Players who have already acquired Katya will receive the outfit via in-game mail.

Other Changes

  • Added Trial operatives to be made available for chapters 5 to 10.
  • Optimized visual "chest performance" in the animation for activating Yao - Winter Solstice's ultimate skill.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between the splash art and in-game model of Acacia - Kaguya's Allure of Lotus outfit
  • Optimized "hip curve" of Katya - Blue Bolt when equipped with the Graceful Danseuse outfit.
  • Fixed various outfit accessories not being displayed on the victory animation when Katya - Blue Bolt is equipped with the Graceful Danseuse outfit. This will continue to be optimized in future updates.
  • Improved the aiming experience when in Katya - Blue Bolt's Guidance III form from her standard skill.
  • Improved the head model of Haru - Absconditus' Covert Zephyr outfit.
  • Optimized various accessories in the model for Yao - Quiet Quitter's Enduring Valor outfit.
  • Adjusted operative bond level requirements for certain main quests.
  • Increased the rate that the friend limit increases at lower account levels (does not appear to be any change to the total limit)
  • Improvements to Paradoxical Labyrinth UI related to collecting buffs related to the player's chosen Strategic Preference. The level of bonus based on buffs collected will be made clearer, and markers will be added to buff selection screens to show that a buff matches the type as the player's chosen Strategic Preference

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Katya - Blue Bolt's Manifest 3 effect would sometimes have abnormal behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where Katya - Blue Bolt's ultimate skill would not target properly when used on Ymir.
  • Fixed an issue where Marian - Queen of Pain's Manifest 3 description did not match its actual effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Haru - Absconditus would cause game crashes.
  • Fixed issues with jumping in some missions.
  • Fixed an issue in Gigalink where some ultimate abilities could not be ended early.
  • Fixed a text issue in Katya - Blue Bolt's bond story.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong the icon for Mauxir's "Royal Patra Rug" would be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemy abilities could pass through the shield deployed Siris' support skill.
  • Fixed an issue in Paradoxical Labyrinth where the unique buffs for Fenny - Coronet, Chenxing - The Observer, and Yao - Quiet Quitter would have abnormal behavior.
  • Fixed an issue in Paradoxical Labyrinth that the door to the next room would not open even after being selected.
  • Fixed an issue in Paradoxical Labyrinth where operatives would still be considered as "in combat" even after combat ends.
  • Fixed an issue in Paradoxical Labyrinth where a room could not be completed at times.
  • Fixed some of the rooms in Paradoxical Labyrinth.
  • Fixed issues with certain buff effects in Paradoxical Labyrinth
  • Fixed issues with the text description for certain buffs in Paradoxical Labyrinth.

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