Lyfe – Infinite Sight Character Preview

Flashing, dashing, and party crashing.

Names and details are subject to final EN localization and changes.

To treat Lyfe's condition, the New Hentiro supercomputer GANGES helped develop the "Infinite Sight" exosuit based on designs provided by Yggdrasil to help her deal with the Titagen in her body.

Weapon: Dual SMG
Element: Kinetic
Role: Ballistic DPS

"Keeping this kind of power under control is like drawing a circle in a single stroke, with you in the middle."
"Nothing can stop us, adjutant."

Standard Ability: Limitless Blades of Frost

Tip: Lyfe - Infinite Sight prioritizes using her standard ability to mark enemies, which allows her to more effectively use her powers.

Lyfe dashes, dealing damage to and marking nearby enemies. When Lyfe hits a marked enemy with a Flash attack, deal additional Kinetic damage to all marked enemies. Enemies can have multiple marks applied to them, but the bonus damage from Flash attacks is reduced on additional marks applied to same enemy.

Passive: Lyfe gains additional movement and dodge speed. Attacking enemies will generate Flash stacks, increased when attacking marked enemies. Flash stacks do not grant invulnerability, but increase Lyfe's CC resistance and provide damage reduction. Lyfe's critical hit chance and fire rate will increase the damage of her Flash attacks.

Neuronic 1: When equipped with a Kinetic weapon, shots that ricochet will also grant Flash stacks.
Neuronic 2: After using her standard ability, Lyfe instantly gains maximum Flash stacks.

Keep these "Flash" stacks in mind; they will be important later when the Flash attacks are explained in her Deiwos passive.

Support Ability: Tundra's Torrent

Lyfe fires a penetrating beam forward, dealing Kinetic damage to enemies hit.

Neuronic 1: Enemies hit are stunned
Neuronic 2: If the beam only hits one enemy, damage dealt is increased.

Ultimate Ability: Throne of the Devouring God

Tip: When fighting large groups of enemies, using Lyfe's ultimate ability is a good idea.

Lyfe enters the [World Vision] state, dealing constant Kinetic damage to multiple nearby enemies. During this time, Lyfe gains increased CC resistance and damage reduction, but cannot dodge. Enemies that are further away take less damage. Recasting this ability will end its duration early. The cooldown for this ability begins once its duration ends.

Passive: Whenever Lyfe marks an enemy with her standard ability, the cost of her ultimate ability is reduced for a period of time, refreshing whenever her standard ability is used. After the second cast of her ultimate, the ability cutscene will no longer be played.

Neuronic 1: Enemies take more damage from this ability for every extra mark that they have.
Neuronic 2: After using her ultimate ability, Lyfe's standard and support ability cooldowns are refreshed and her weapon is automatically reloaded.

Deiwos Passive: Polar Predator

Once Lyfe accumulates enough Flash stacks, her next dodge consumes all Flash stacks. The dodge will cost less stamina, but consumes ammo to deal critical hit damage to the targeted enemy (damage is increased based on Alignment Index value). If there is an insufficient amount of ammo, the damage dealt will be reduced.

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