Featured Weapon: Nightborne Crown Details

It's time to d-d-d-d-dual

The only dual SMG produced by Cathode Technologies, and the only pair in the world. It is said that they were custom made for a certain user. It uses a variety of patented technologies and is one of the most mysterious weapons in existence.

Details are subject to final EN localization and changes.

Weapon type: Dual SMG
Element: Kinetic
Magazine size: 100
Rate of fire: 1200

Weapon Skills

  • Increase Kinetic damage dealt
  • When enemies are hit by skill damage, they take increased ballistic damage from the equipped operative for a certain period of time. When enemies are hit by ballistic damage or ultimate abilities, they take increased skill damage from the equipped operative for a period of time. When an enemy is under the effects of both conditions, the strength of both effects is doubled.

Does that mean that hitting enemies with Lyfe's ultimate would apply both effects at once? That sounds rather silly.