Featured Logistics Set: Areca Squad Details

A good "Conductor" of electricity.

Names and details NOT subject to change this time. Thank you game, for providing an early preview.

2-Piece Effect

Increase equipped operative's ATK by 12%. When equipped with an Electric weapon and the equipped operative is off the field, increase the active operative's ATK by 12%.

3-Piece Effect

When (the equipped operative's) support skill does damage, apply [Conductor] to the target for 3s. When an operative does skill damage to an enemy with [Conductor], increase the equipped operative's Electric damage by 17% for 5s, up to five stacks.

Logistics Officer Profiles


Asha has made great advancements in the field of cybernetics development. She participated and helped develop the fifth and sixth generation cybernetics for Ghost Lotus, and later applied to transfer to Yggdrasil as a logistics officer. For Asha, cybernetics is work but reading novels is life. Books are not just a necessary spice of life, but a prerequisite for efficient work.


With no formal education, Namya was arrested multiple times for street fighting while still a child. She was later recruited by Ghost Lotus' security department as security for their cybernetics expo. Namya's life motto is "whoever wins the fight is the boss." For the first eighteen years of her life, she was the boss. But now, it's the Adjutant.


Pushta is a big fan of modifying firearms and has conducted in-depth research on firearms from many different weapons companies. She once took the pistol handed to her by the Adjutant and took it apart, asking "strength, endurance, or length, which do you think is the most important?"

"Just something that's balanced, and I think you meant to say range, not length. Don't say weird things in the future," the Adjutant replied.