Enya – Exuvia Character Preview

Mist me?

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A tactical exosuit developed specifically for Enya by Yggdrasil's R&D Department. During in-the-field adaptive testing, the exosuit enabled Enya to reach her full physical and mental potential in order to protect the Adjutant.

Weapon: Pistol
Element: Electric
Role: Skill damage support

"It might be too late to say it now, but let me be with you in the future"
"I always trust your judgement."

Standard Ability: Tropical Heat

Enya throws a device forward, forming a [Thunderfall] that quickly moves forward. While moving forward, [Thunderfall] deals Electric damage to all enemies it passes through. The damage [Thunderfall] deals is reduced each time it hits an enemy.

Neuronic 1: Applies Paralyze to enemies hit. This Paralyze will not affect bosses, as they are immune to all Control effects with a duration less than 2s (if you never knew this, it seems like this is the first time that it's been mentioned).
Neuronic 2: Increases width of the [Thunderfall].

Support Ability: Wind Chronicle

Enya deploys a floating device that spawns a [Mist Green Ring]. [Mist Green Ring] increases the skill damage of all allies in range. Whenever an ally in range of [Mist Green Ring] lands a shot on a target (normal skill hits do not count), the floating device gains a stack of [Law of Life], up to a maximum. Whenever an ally deals skill damage while the devise has stacks of [Law of Life], stacks will be consumed to deal additional Electric damage to the target, with a per-target cooldown. The cooldown for this ability begins with the duration of the device ends.

Neuronic 1: Recasting this ability while already active will reposition the device.
Neuronic 2: [Mist Green Ring] will also increase the interruption resistance of operatives within its area of effect.

Ultimate Ability: Rain's Caress

Enya uses her [Guardian Pod] to surround the active operative, granting invulnerability and healing for a set amount of HP every second. This is considered Enya's healing and is affected by Enya's healing bonuses. [Guardian Pod] periodically deals Electric damage to nearby targets, detonating at the of its duration to deal Electric damage to enemies in range and apply Paralyze. It can also be detonated early by recasting this ability. Affected allies cannot attack while this ability is in effect. The cooldown for this ability begins when the device is no longer active.

Neuronic 1: The [Guardian Pod] can slowly move around, but is not affected by movement speed boosts.
Neuronic 2: Increases the [Guardian Pod]'s damage and healing.

Deiwos Passive: Eternal Commitment

Increases the entire team's skill damage. Alignment index increases the skill damage boost.

Character Trailer

Per the warning at the start of the video: viewer discretion is advised (lmao)

  • "Adjutant, if there's an emergency, what should I do?"
  • "So right now, let's practice handling it. Alright?"
  • "Like this, you have to kneel beside the patient."
  • "Put your hands together and intertwine your fingers..."
  • "Then take the palm of your hand and put it... here!"
  • "Lean forward... straighten your arms... and press down."
  • "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... after thirty compressions.... two times, deliver breaths"
  • "Place one hand on the forehead, and use the other hand... to lift the chin."
  • "And then you blow, mouth to mouth."
  • "Adjutant, did I do it right?"
  • "Then next time, how about you teach me, okay?"

I mean, I've definitely seen worse CPR tutorials.

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