”Spring Festival” Event Details

No, it’s not a Mingdeng rerun.

A Chinese New Year-themed mini-event with some very worthwhile rewards. Not all campaigns are available on global servers (but all the ones you actually care about are).

New Year Reward Mail

This campaign has been implied to be confirmed for global servers. I’ve reached out to Seasun staff for further confirmation.
Update: Seasun has responded to my inquiry and confirmed that global servers will be receiving this campaign.

From February 9 to 11, login every day to get up to three reward mails. Contents for each day are as follows:

  • Limited operative banner ticket x5
  • “Happy Gachapon”
  • Large (60AP) stamina refill x3

The Happy Gachapon can be opened to obtain 80 Digicash, 30 Opal Vouchers, or 8888 Silverbucks.

Additionally, February 9th’s reward mail will also include the “Tess - Look at Me” sticker pack.

”Rhapsody of Revival” Login Event

This campaign has been confirmed for global servers.

From February 8 to 29, login for seven days to receive the following rewards:

  • ”Rhythm Star” profile avatar
  • ”New Spring Wishes” chat message skin
  • ”Happy Gachapon”
  • Limited weapon banner tickets (no amount stated)

”Presence Patrol” Stamina Consumption Event

This campaign has been confirmed for global servers.

From February 8 to 22, consume stamina to receive points, which can be redeemed for various rewards:

  • Digicash
  • Limited Operative Banner tickets
  • Limited Weapon Banner tickets
  • ”Happy Gachapon”
  • Profile card “Ball Invitation”
  • Revision Application

New Year’s Red Envelopes

This is a CN-exclusive promotion.

During the event, there will be two limited New Year’s red envelope covers that players can claim and use on Chinese social media apps like QQ and WeChat. This has no in-game effect, and thus is of negligible value to global players.