Katya Klein – Blue Bolt Ability Preview

(Cross)bow to your new queen.

A former external security expert from the Security Department of Yggdrasil, she became a resonance ghost together with the rest of Checker Squad in the Fifth Research Institute. After Checker Squad's revenge plan failed, she was accidentally expelled from the resonance and regained her physical form. A dangerous crossbow-wielding assassin, she always strikes from the most unexpected angles.

Names and details are subject to final EN localization and changes.

Weapon: Crossbow
Element: Frost
Role: DPS

Birthday: November 8
Height: 172cm

“Why did I become a mercenary? To find a target, it’s as simple as that.”
“Let’s find a new target.”

Standard Ability: Hades’ Journey

I have no idea why this gif is so sped up.

Katya enters the [Third Guide] state. In this state, Katya cannot move and will leave the state after performing a dodge or recasting the skill. Katya also cannot restore S-Energy, and attacks will consume S-Energy. Katya will leave the [Third Guide] state once she runs out of S-Energy. While in the [Third Guide] state, Katya’s attack speed is set to an increased speed based on the firing mode of her crossbow, and this is unaffected by other buffs or debuffs. Katya also gains self damage reduction and resistance to Control effects, but has reduced attack, parts break effectiveness, and U-Energy generation. The cooldown of this skill begins when the [Third Guide] state ends.

Support Ability: Explosive Messenger

Katya jumps into the air and fires an arrow at an enemy, dealing Frost damage and freezing the target. This will also move Katya away from the enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Smooth Talk

Katya fires a barrage of arrows into the sky, raining down on the target and dealing Frost damage over time. This attack will follow enemies.

Deiwos Passive: Inheritance of Deception

Each shot has a chance of dealing additional Frost damage based on the damage of the initial shot. The damage multiplier is increased based on Katya’s Alignment Index.