Tess Kotkin Ability Preview

For my next trick, I'll make your U-Energy problems disappear!

Before joining Yggdrasil, she was an ordinary high school student. Her dream was to become a great magician. She joined the Heimdall force to see the Adjutant again.

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Weapon: Sniper rifle
Element: Electric
Role: U-Energy support

Birthday: September 16
Height: 165cm

"Welcome back~ I've been waiting for you! I want the Adjutant to be the first to see the new magic trick I thought of last night!"
"The show's over, thank you for your support!"

Standard Ability: Warm-Up Quiz

Tess uses different-coloured cards to deal damage to a target. Each time the ability is used, the card changes to a random colour, with each colour card having a different effect.

Support Ability: Magical Assistants

Tess gives party members the [Best Assistant] effect: Electric damage is increased, decaying over time to a minimum amount until the buff expires. With Neuronics, it can also boost other damage types based on the element of the active operative's equipped weapon.

Ultimate Ability: Demon Silk Shadow

Tess unfolds the [Hall of Illusions] and swaps out for another operative. While [Hall of Illusions] is in effect, when a party member's shot hits an enemy, Tess will perform a [Dark Heart Illusion] follow-up attack, dealing damage and restoring U-Energy (affected by Tess' U-Energy gain). [Dark Heart Illusion] has its own cooldown. When [Hall of Illusions] ends, all remaining U-Energy will be consumed. Demon Silk Shadow's cooldown begins when [Hall of Illusions] ends. Demon Silk Shadow does not cost U-Energy.

Deiwos Passive: Magical Training

When off the field, increases the party's U-Energy generation while the current U-Energy level is not greater than 50%. If the U-Energy level is greater than 50%, increases the party's S-Energy recovery rate instead. The increase is affected by Alignment Index.