Ancient Isle Survey Collectables Guide

A guide to finding all the things hidden around Yallu Island.

For a general overview of the Ancient Isle Survey game mode, see here.

General Tips

  • When you get close to a chest or tablet fragment, there will be an on-screen indicator pointing to its location. Take advantage of this to find them more easily.
  • If a chest doesn't seem to want to open, you may have to defeat a nearby group of enemies. Otherwise, try exiting and re-entering the game mode.
  • Different kinds of fish can only be caught in certain areas. Check the fishing manual to see which region a fish can be caught in, and try different fishing spots in that region as well.
  • The amount of fishing XP you can earn has a daily cap. Make sure to regularly catch fish so that you can max out your fishing level!


Not all collectable items may show on your in-game map when zoomed out. Zoom in to ensure all items are displayed when checking to see which ones you've missed.
Maps are provided courtesy of Keinrix.

Scenic Area

Ruins Area

Ancient Isle Survey Collectables - Ruins Area

Resort Area