Featured Game Mode “Goldrush Party” Details

Ain't no party like a Heimdall party.

The "Goldrush Party" game mode runs from November 13 to December 14. Details are subject to change by Seasun.
View the main Verdurous Holiday event details here.


  • Digicash
  • Silverbucks
  • Star Vote Wand (more on this later)
  • Emerald-Star Cowrie

Game Types

There are two game types: Story Mode and Free Play Mode. In Story Mode, the characters and game settings are preset and cannot be changed. When it is cleared, Free Play Mode will be unlocked, which allows for characters and game settings to be changed.
There are four levels in Story Mode: Wandering Party, Dense Forest Party, Shadow Chasing Party, and Editor.

Game Features

At the start of the game, players will receive a certain amount of money. This can be used to purchase unowned land and properties. When it is a player's turn, they spin the spinner to move 1-6 spots. When moving, a player may land on a random event square, which will activate a random event (presumably minigames).

Redact Fact: As a master of games, if I get the Card Flipper minigame, I can get the reward directly without even having to flip the cards. It's awesome. (ㄱ∘ㄱ)

Properties are the main source of money in the game. After buying a property, you can collect rent from other players. The cost of buying a property depends on its rent price; the higher the rent, the more expensive the property. Players can also upgrade their owned properties when they land on them. The more upgraded a property is, the higher its rent.

(It basically works like Monopoly.)

Redact Fact: You can click a property to see its owner and value. You can also check the owner by the color of the outer border of the property. (For example, the owner of this property is orange!)

If a player lands on an obstacle, they can become injured. They must then go to the hospital to recover before being able to move.

Redact Fact: Be careful! You can't collect rent if you're in the hospital. ($_$)

The shown card allows you to change the direction that a player's piece is travelling.

Players will sometimes receive action cards. Different cards have different effects, and can be used in different situations.

Redact Fact: Read the details on cards carefully. Combining different cards can lead to greater results.
( ´ ω ` )?

When all opponents are bankrupt or the turn limit is reached, the game will end and the player with the most money will win.

Redact Fact: If you go bankrupt, the game ends immediately. The overall ranking will be based on a player's money plus the value of their properties. Trying to purchase properties can be a good choice (<ω>*)

This mission requires you to obtain a total of 10,000 game currency.

Alongside game win conditions, there will also be event challenges that give out separate rewards. Complete them to get rewards.

Voting Time

Finishing matches and completing missions will reward Star Vote Wands. You can use these to vote for your favourite character and receive rewards accordingly.

Redact Fact: The character who wins first place in the vote will also have an exclusive avatar frame! Adjutant, please get your Wands and vote~