Cherno – Enigma Ability Preview

Just a little grumpy.

Names and details are subject to final EN localization and changes.

Enigma is an exosuit created during the process of Cherno being separated from an unidentified Titan. It is, by nature, Cherno's reformed and awakened form.

  • Weapon: SMG
  • Element: Chaos
  • Role: Skill DPS
For you... I can do anything.
Did you see that?

Standard Ability: Abomination

Tip: Detonation can only occur when at least one [Self-Loathing Vortex] is active. When enemies have maximum stacks of [Bad Mood], the detonation damage will be higher~

Cherno creates a [Self-Loathing Vortex] at the target location, sucking in nearby targets and dealing Chaos damage. Targets in the area will have stacks of [Bad Mood] inflicted over time, up to a maximum. Only one vortex can apply stacks at a time. There is a limit to the number of [Self-Loathing Vortexes] that can exist on the field at the once.

[Bad Mood]: While in effect, deals Chaos damage to the target over time (not affected by weak spot bonuses). This is counted as Dazed damage, a new type of DoT similar to Burn and Frostbite.

When [Self-Loathing Vortex] is on the field, Cherno can charge this ability to absorb and detonate any active vortexes. This charge can also be done even while the ability is on cooldown. While the ability is being charged, the DoT speed of [Bad Mood] is increased. After successfully detonating [Self-Loathing Vortex], Cherno immediately deals Chaos damage to enemies near a vortex (this damage counts as damage from [Bad Mood]) and removes all stacks of [Bad Mood] from enemies affected. After detonation, the cooldown of this ability is reset, and each detonated [Self-Loathing Vortex] refunds S-Energy to Cherno.

Neuronic 1: When a target has maximum stacks of [Bad Mood], the final detonation damage is increased.
Neuronic 2: When equipped with a Chaos weapon, shots that ricochet off an enemy will apply a stack of [Bad Mood].

Support Ability: Penetrating Light

Cherno dashes to the target, knocking up enemies then dealing Chaos damage and applying Slow, as well as inflicting stacks of [Light Thorn] to enemies hit.

[Light Thorn] decays over time. When shots hit an enemy with [Light Thorn], all current [Light Thorn] stacks will be detonated to deal additional Chaos damage.

Neuronic 1: Increase the range of this ability
Neuronic 2: Decrease the rate at which [Light Thorn] stacks decay.

Ultimate Ability: Doom in Light

Tip: When fighting a large group of enemies, using your ultimate ability can quickly apply stacks of [Bad Mood] and generate [Self-Loathing Vortexes], letting you detonate them to deal large amounts of damage.

Cherno performs an AoE attack, dealing Chaos damage to enemies and applying stacks of [Bad Mood].

Neuronic 1: If there are less than the maximum number of [Self-Loathing Vortexes] on the field, vortexes will spawn around the target until the maximum limit is reached.
Neuronic 2: The attack will also apply Slow on enemies in range.

Deiwos Passive: Abyssal Void

Cherno's shots that hit an enemy will inflict a stack of [Bad Mood] to them, which deals Chaos damage over time based on the number of stacks that the enemy has. Increasing her alignment index will increase this damage.

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