News Wire: Cherno – Enigma Promotional Trailer

Parental supervision is... apparently advised? Actually no, I think that's fair.

While EN was busy getting maintenance notes, CN side decided to post a promotional trailer for the upcoming Cherno - Enigma. Or her maid outfit specifically, if you wanted to be pedantic. Whatever.

Please note: non-adults are apparently advised to have parental supervision while watching it!

  • "Welcome home, would you like a meal, a bath, or…?"
  • "Does the Adjutant think Cherno dressing like this... is acceptable?"
  • "Well, let's go eat first."
  • "Adjutant, try this. Aaaaaahh..."
  • [One Cherno cooking-induced blackout later]
  • "Hehehahaha..."
  • "So Cherno's cooking wasn't very good, eh? Then try Mersault's, how about that?"

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