Featured Logistics Set: Nova Squad Details

Featuring Lyfe's personal damage-boosting pit crew.

Details are subject to final EN localization and changes.

Two-Piece Effect

Increase Kinetic damage dealt.

Three-Piece Effect

Increase the damage dealt by Lyfe - Infinite Sight's Flash attacks, the bonus damage dealt to marked enemies from Flash attacks, and her ultimate ability.

Logistics Officer Profiles


In the past, Dorthe participated in multiple excursions surveying and mapping out containment zones, using her ability to track the traces of Titan activity and providing support for related research. With the help of her manifestation abilities and special tools, nothing escaped her eyes, whether it was water deep underground or the smallest amount of water vapor in the air.

"This ability also has some other effects, like... did you know that people breathe faster when they're nervous, and you can detect the change in water vapor levels from that?"


Alivya is currently studying at Yggdrasil private university majoring in experimental medicine, and was specially allowed to join the Heimdall Logistics Office early because of her outstanding abilities. Alivya believes that experimental medicine is the branch of medicine that puts the latest theories into practice. When she looked at the adjutant's physical examination report, she exclaimed:

"My research philosophy is to treat diseases before they occur, which means dealing with diseases before they appear. You look quite healthy overall, but there is the small problem of exercising too much at night.

...You can't help it? What does that mean?"


Tarkas never received any higher education, and worked in 2060 as a data miner. After joining Yggdrasil's R&D department, she transferred to the logistics department due to her personal wishes. When working as a data miner, it was necessary to improve data processing algorithms on your own. By simulating real-life mining patterns, it's possible to reduce the mental stress on data miners and greatly improve efficiency. She explained this to the adjutant, adding:

"Imagine that you can dig out Bitgold from a rock formation. That feeling is so exciting, isn't it?"