Realm of Illusion Event Info

Believe your eyes.

The virtual engulfs the real
The reverberations of memory become the proof of this moment's existence.
Breaking free from illusion, breaking through the past
A fleeting moment is also an eternal fire of the heart.

A dream of illusion, a momentary breakthrough.

Event starts on May 30, 2024. An account level of 20 or higher is required to access the event.

Names and other details are subject to final changes and EN localization.

New Content

New SSR Operative: Siris - Ksana

Siris - Ksana will be a shotgun operative. She will be available in the Instant of Eternity limited operative banner from May 30 to June 27. You can find a preview of her abilities here.

Siris - Ksana Outfit: Flutter of Ecstasy

"Adjutant, I think I've learned how to savor the beauty that doesn't last."

Will be available in the paid shop from May 30 to June 27.

Katya - Blue Bolt Outfit: Private Secretary

"Adjutant, if you want to pick up all these papers... you'll have to reach down here~"

Has an alternate version with fishnets instead of normal leggings. Will be available in the paid shop from May 30 to July 11.

Mauxir - Shadow Ka Outfit: Feline Grace

"A cat trick? Nya, it's a close-quarters combat technique, though the agile flexibility is reminiscent of a feline..."

Will be available from the premium battlepass.

Fritia - Little Sunshine Outfit: Unfading Glow

"Take cover, everyone! Leave this problem for the top professor around to solve!"

Will be available from the Choice Products shop, costing Bright-Star Tickets.

Enya - Exuvia "Kiss Be the Remedy" Outfit and "Tender Cure" Interactive Scene Rerun

Will be available in the paid shop from May 30 to June 6. You can view previews of the outfit and the interactive scene here and here.

New SSR Shotgun: Crowned Flail

Will be available from the Trek Across Aeons weapon banner from May 30 to June 27. You can learn more about it here.

New Logistics Set: Scarab Squad

You can learn more about this logistics set here.



Siris will receive the Choice Aquascaping Tank, Lyfe will receive the Premium Dart Set, Cherno will receive the Homely Dining Table Set, and Nita will receive the Home Gym Set as interactive furniture. These will have a temporary 20% discount.

New Base-themed loading screens

Gacha Banners

A new type of gacha will be offered alongside the current system for all gacha banners this event. Unlike the current system, there is no 50/50, you will be guaranteed to obtain the featured character or weapon when you pull an SSR. However, the hard pity count is increased to 100 from 80 on operative banners and to 80 from 60 on weapon banners.

"Instant of Eternity" Limited Operative Banner

May 30 - June 27
Rate-up for limited SSR operative Siris - Ksana

"Trek Across Aeons" Limited Weapon Banner

May 30 - June 27
Rate-up for SSR shotgun Crowned Flail

"Shadows of Indigo" Limited Operative Banner Rerun

June 20 - July 11
Rate-up for SSR operative Katya - Blue Bolt

"Seastar in Solitude" Limited Weapon Banner Rerun

June 20 - July 11
Rate-up for SSR crossbow Neptune Nova

Gameplay Content

New Permanent Story Chapter

The Adjutant and his operatives arrived via skyskiff at New Hentiro, the City of Miracles in the sky. Agave, the contact assigned by Director τ, led Lyfe to the medical facility where she could receive treatment. The Adjutant and his team learned that the help of the supercomputer called GANGES was required if Lyfe was to be cured. Hence, the Adjutant and Siris decided to head for the Tower of Hanoi. But within the tower, the situation was far from peaceful...

New Boss: π - Purified

New Area: Tower of Hanoi

New Area: Realm

Defense Line Zero

June 3 - June 17

Co-op wave defense with upgradable defenses and perks. Now featuring specialization paths to gain buffs for your different playstyles.

Dawn Restored

June 20 - July 11

Strike Battlefront.

Grip of Umbra

June 6 - June 20

Brave Squad. Solo/co-op boss fight.

Virtual Breach

June 17 - July 1

Solo wave defense. With four difficulty levels, it now features special challenges and killstreaks.

Hero Games

June 24 - July 8

Co-op boss rush.

Login Events

"Travels in Kuru" Login Event

Log in for seven days to get ten limited operative banner tickets.

Additional Memory Chips

May 30 - May 5

Log in to receive 4 Memory Chip bundles every day. Each bundle grants 3 Memory Chips for use in Personal Files.

Event Rewards

Initially Available

  • Limited operative banner tickets
  • Digicash
  • "Prism of Hanoi" dorm trophy
  • Carbon Atomic Plate (SSR weapon uncap mat)
  • Quantum Cell (SSR Neuronic mat)
  • Revision Application
  • Opal Voucher (dorm currency)
  • SSR weapon attachment "Robust Angles" (shotgun)
  • SR shotgun "Scarabaei"
  • SSR logistics set: Scarab Squad

Available From June 20

  • SR crossbow "Alpine Gentian"
  • SSR logistics set: Eli Squad

May 30 Maintenance

View details here.