Event Details: Defense Line Zero

Wait, this actually looks pretty cool...

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The "Defense Line Zero" event game mode starts on March 11 and runs until March 28.

View the main Skyward Blaze event details here.


  • Northwind Voucher (event shop currency)
  • Profile badge
  • Digicash
  • Silverbucks

Game Mode Details

Eatchel: Eatchel runs fast~ Let Eatchel help the adjutant destroy the bad guys!

During the battle, enemies will spawn from three different locations. Keep this in mind to make sure you have proper coverage of each area to prevent enemies from slipping through.

Eatchel: The adjutant told me that the infrastructure value is the same as the health of the base. Remember that, Eatchel!
E/N: why even bother calling it "infrastructure value" in the first place then?

When an enemy reaches the defense area, the "infrastructure value" will be reduced. When it reaches zero, the battle will end in failure.

Eatchel: Can it be used to deliver delicious food?
E/N: I don't see why not...

There will be multiple Titagen portals around the map through which players can teleport around to collect resources and reach combat areas.

Eatchel: As long as the adjutant needs it, Eatchel will collect it and give it to you!

Players can collect different materials (Snowsalt Crystals, Aether Stones, and Spark Dust) in the resource collection area, which can be used to research upgrades for the base's fortifications. When players successfully collect materials, the corresponding upgrade tree will be automatically upgraded, bringing various beneficial effects to all teammates. You can also collect machine gun ammunition, to load into machine gun turrets (duh). Split up the work with your teammates and collect as many resources as possible!

Eatchel: I must get stronger, so I can protect the adjutant!

Players can view the status of base upgrades at various consoles around the map, which will help you plan out future actions.