News Wire: Lyfe/Fenny Outfit Adjustments, Devs Accepting Eatchel Feedback

Eatchel buffs soon maybe?

Outfit Adjustments

Following the release of the Skyward Blaze 1.6 update, Seasun very quickly released an announcement detailing planned changes to the new outfits for Fenny - Coronet and Lyfe - Wild Hunt. For Coronet's "Sugar Queen" outfit, adjustments will be made to her shoes, the floating bags behind her and the streamers attached to it, and her... "pants."

You know what they're referring to.

Meanwhile, Wild Hunt's "Street Code" outfit will also be getting adjustments to her shorts, which might just be a way of implying that they'll be adjusting the surrounding areas, cough.

Eatchel Feedback

It's no secret right now that public opinion of the new operative Eatchel hasn't exactly been stellar. To that end, Seasun has put out a call for feedback about her, giving ten days for anyone with access to CN social media to air out their complaints about her. They will take further action after this period, potentially adjusting her kit to be a little more effective. Or a lot more effective. She could really use it.

Fun side note: CN netizens seem to have taken to referring to Eatchel as "172," as the numbers phonetically sound like her name in Chinese (1 - yi, 7 - qi, 2 - er).