Skyward Blaze Event Details

It's time to blast off.

Conspiracies are intertwined, darkness hides the truth,
but faith and light will never stop here.
The hero steps into the depths of the snowfield to burn,
and his ambitions will be burned. Everything brewed was burned to ashes.

The snowfields were reborn, and the light of day returned.

Event starts on March 7, 2024 and ends on April 18, 2024. An account level of 20 or higher is needed to participate.

Names and other details are subject to final changes and EN localization.

New Content

New SSR Operative: Eatchel Gustav

Granddaughter of the founder of the former Yehrus Federation. As external parties took advantage of her valuable identity, she was deprived of a normal upbringing and education. The blue horns on her head are a result of experimental Titagen infusions. Deep down, she yearns for a place of safety, and a life of freedom.

Eatchel will be a shotgun operative. She will be available in the "Azure Flames, Silver Hair" limited operative banner from March 7 to April 4. You can view her ability preview here.

Eatchel Outfit: Overdue Radiance

Ungh... People go to school from when they are little kids? Does that mean I am years late for class?

Will be available in the paid shop from March 7 to April 4.

Fenny - Coronet Outfit: Sugar Queen

Which one is sweeter — me or the dessert? You've got one shot, don't get it wrong!

Will be available in the paid shop from March 7 to April 18.

Lyfe - Wild Hunt Outfit: Street Code

Those people back there said I run the block now... What does that mean? I wasn't running.

Will be available from the premium battlepass.

Acacia - Kaguya Outfit (Rerun): Allure of Lotus

Will be available in the paid shop from March 28 to April 18.

New SSR Weapon: Blitzing Fangs


It will be available in the "Winter Forest of Youth" weapon banner from March 7 to April 4. You can learn more about it here.

New Weapon Skin: Sweet Decree (Coronet)

Will be available in the paid shop from March 7 to April 18.

New Weapon Skin: No Overtime (Yao)

Note that the Recording System and Scope seem to have their labels erroneously switched.

Will be permanently available from the "Choice Products" shop after March 7, using Bright-Star Tickets from daily logins with the monthly digicash pass.

New Logistics Set: Lux Squad

You can learn more about this set's effects here.


Eatchel Added to Dorms

In addition, Eatchel will receive the Smart Blackboard interactive furniture and Acacia will receive the Daimaou Game Console. Both will most likely have a temporary 20% discount.

Gacha Banners

"Cyan Flames of Silver" Limited Operative Banner

March 7 - April 4
Rate-up for limited SSR operative Eatchel

"Alpha of the Arctic" Limited Weapon Banner

March 7 - April 4
Rate-up for SSR shotgun "Blitzing Fangs"

"Tracing Origins" Limited Operative Banner Rerun

March 28 - April 18
Rate-up for SSR operative Mauxir - Shadow Ka

"Fusion of Unreality" Limited Weapon Banner Rerun

March 28 - April 18
Rate-up for SSR SMG Alloy Truth

"Kaguya's Game" Limited Operative Banner Rerun

March 28 - April 18
Rate-up for SSR operative Acacia - Kaguya

"Noctilucent Horizon" Limited Weapon Banner Rerun

March 28 - April 18
Rate-up for SSR pistol Pine Aurora

Gameplay Content

Main Story Chapter 12 (Part 2)

The Adjutant and the other operatives took cover in an office within Suzdal Launch Base. With the help of Katya, the Adjutant learned to control his intake of Titagen to obtain information. Hence, Katya's memory about Eatchel was no longer a secret to him...

New Boss: Lament of Yehrus

New Area: Suzdal Launch Base

Karma's End

March 11 - March 26

Brave Squad-style solo/co-op boss fight. A new difficulty level will be released every day starting from March 11, and ending on March 15 with the co-op difficulty.

Defense Line Zero

March 11 - March 28

Collect materials to strengthen base defense, and collect ammunition to control the machine gun tower. Team up with other players to fend off enemy attacks. You can learn more about this game mode here.

Tide of Titanium

March 25 - April 8

Wave defense.

Future Unshackled

March 28 - April 18

A "Strike Battlefront" type event, accumulate points for rewards. Similar to Icefield Outposts and Shrouded City Sweep from previous events.

Hero Games

April 1 - April 15

Co-op boss rush.

Login Events

"Into the Fire" Login Event

March 7 - March 28

Log in for seven days to get ten limited operative banner tickets.

Additional Memory Chips

March 3 - March 13

Log in to receive 4 Memory Chip bundles every day. Each bundle grants 3 Memory Chips for use in Personal Files.

Event Rewards

  • Limited operative banner tickets
  • Digicash
  • SSR weapon attachment "Guardian Evil" (scope)
  • "Astrolabe Badge" dorm trophy
  • SR weapon "Rock Python"
  • SSR logistics set: Lux Squad
  • Carbon Atomic Plate (SSR weapon uncap mat)
  • Quantum Cell (SSR Neuronic mat)
  • Revision Application
  • Opal Voucher (dorm currency)

The SR SMG Wave and Amarna Squad logistics set will be available in the event shop after March 28.

Astrolabe Badge
"Shadow of Paradox" base decoration. Most likely a Paradoxical Labyrinth reward.

Other Content

Standard Commissions

April 8 - April 15

Accept and complete daily "commissions" to earn rewards.

March 7 Maintenance

This section covers some of the highlights from the maintenance notes. You can read the full maintenance notes here.

Starts on March 7, 13:00 (UTC+8) and is expected to take seven hours.
Maintenance compensation:

  • 420 Digicash
  • 25,000 silverbucks
  • 60AP stamina refill x1

Notable items not already previously covered:

  • Added weapon sub-type icons that can be clicked/tapped on to view more details
  • New stages and additional XP levels with new rewards added to Paradoxical Labyrinth
  • Added the setting to continuously fire by long pressing the assigned button
  • Added Fenny Sticker Pack 1, can be purchased with Bright-Star Tickets
  • Changed visual effects for Acacia - Kaguya's Allure of Lotus outfit, see here for a comparison
  • Auto-clearing Personal File 2 for an operative will move them to the most recent position
  • Other previously-announced changes as noted here
  • Bugfixes