Featured Logistics Set – Amarna Squad Details

Crossing rivers and valleys for more DPS

No exact values are known at this time. Terminology and exact details are subject to change and final EN localization.

2-Piece Set Effect

Increase max HP by X%

3-Piece Set Effect

When using support skills, all party operatives will receive the [River Valley] buff, increasing ballistic damage. While [River Valley] is active, if the equipped operative's support skill deals damage, active operatives will also receive the [Aton Sight] buff, additionally increasing attack. When the [River Valley] buff expires, the [Aton Sight] buff will also be removed.

Logistics Officer Profiles


When asked why she wanted to work for Yggdrasil so much, she simply answered that it was thanks to a Baldr Inhibitor that she did not die at the age of 12.


Berenike has a long-standing reputation in the field of cutting-edge physiotherapy and helped develop multiple physiotherapy instruments in her tenure at the Ramses Group. After repeated persuasion and multiple invitations, she finally accepted an offer to work at Yggdrasil.


In 2059, Mertari joined Yggdrasil. Her former boss commented that she had a "bad personality and was difficult to discipline" and thus needed special attention.