October 2023 Operative Tier List Update 2

The second October 2023 operative tier list update for Snowbreak: Containment Zone.

This is an update log that does not include the full tier list. You can find that here.

New role ratings for operatives

To allow for "at-a-glance" information on operatives and what their general strengths and weaknesses are, each operative now has a letter grade rating from C- to S. These ratings cover the three main roles an operative might be expected to handle: single target damage, mobbing, and supporting. The ratings don't have any bearing on an operative's overall tier list placement, but you might find that certain ratings are more common in certain tiers. These ratings are also liable to see minor changes more often than full tier shifts, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Haru - Absconditus rated at T0

After further testing, Haru proves to be just strong enough to sneak into top tier. While she is quite reliant on her first manifest as well as having a suitable pistol equipped, she's just well-rounded enough to be more than a highly-effective trash mob cleaner. She is arguably the weakest of the current Tier 0 roster though, especially with the other big change...

Fenny - Coronet lowered from T0 to T0.5

Don't get me wrong, Coronet is still the fast-firing shotgun DPS that she always was. However, new and stronger DPS options have come onto the scene, making her existing weaknesses harder to overlook. Being stuck with long and frequent reloads hampers her DPS potential, and having her skill on greatly reduces her parts break power, removing a traditional strength of shotgun operatives. Furthermore, her existing niches have also seen stronger options replace her. Ethereal Cloud does single-target Electric DPS better and much more easily, and Absconditus trivializes no-aim mobbing. Coronet unfortunately no longer meets the bar for entry into Tier 0 and is lowered down by one tier.

Mauxir - Meow raised from T1 to T0.5

Further testing with the cat reveals strong synergies with top operatives and only more potential for future utility as time goes on. On top of having unique and useful gameplay niches, being a pocket pick support for three of the four Tier 0 operatives (Kaguya, Ethereal Cloud, Absconditus) means Mauxir gets to hitch a ride on their rising stars up to Tier 0.5.

Update to Marian - Queen of Pain

Marian is still doing fine as the standard archetypical sniper operative. Her write-up, on the other hand, wasn't quite up the level of quality that other operatives have gotten. It has since been rewritten to provide more useful information to anyone looking to spend extended periods of time staring down sniper scopes.

Other minor edits to Lyfe - Wild Hunt and Lyfe - Wednesday.