Featured Weapon – Alloy Truth Details

Strawberry Shortcake, meet Hypochlorous Acid.

The first cooperative weapon between Ramses Group and Freedom Steel, it adopts the common colors and patterns of the Typha Civilization. It is rumored that it uses the ancient secret technology of the Typha Civilization. The Ramses Group has no response to this.

Element: Chaos
Magazine size: 45
Rate of Fire: 900

Weapon Skill

No exact values are known at this time.

  • Increases equipped operative's max HP by X%
  • Upon entering battle, the equipped operative immediately gains X [Advocator] stacks. When not at max [Advocator] stacks, gain one stack every second, up to a maximum of X. When the equipped operative's support skill is used, the entire team gains the [Adherent] buff for X seconds.
    [Adherent]: Increase attack based on X% of the equipped operative's max HP multiplied by the number of [Advocator] stacks and increase critical damage. [Adherent] buffs cannot be obtained while an existing [Adherent] buff is active, and only one [Adherent] buff can be active at once. All [Advocator] stacks will be cleared once the buff expires.