Featured Logistics Set – Eli Squad Details

Not the most “critical” of logistics sets.

Names and details are subject to change.

2-Piece Set Effect

Increases attack.

3-Piece Set Effect

When the equipped operative shoots an enemy but does not critically hit, gain a stack of [Wind Crack], up to a max. [Wind Crack] increases Frost damage based on the number of stacks. Landing critical hits will remove a stack. The duration of [Wind Crack] is refreshed when dodging.

Logistics Officer Profiles


This is quite likely the same Anti from the Verdurous Holiday event who hacked the island’s security systems and held a worker hostage.

When Anti first arrived at the company, she really shocked the Adjutant. “I did say that we’ll meet again. Unfortunately, the compensation your company wants is too much. How much longer will I have to work for free? Hey, don’t leave me here, at least take me for a tour around the company!”


When Stella was in school, her grades in theoretical courses were mediocre, but she did well in practical assignments. After joining Yggdrasil, Stella showed great enthusiasm for field work, while also putting in the bare minimum when filling out documents. Every time the adjutant and Caroline got one of Stella’s reports containing ten words or less, they couldn’t help but hold their head in their hands.


Idamia has always been in love with tales of heroism. After the Descent, she began looking for someone who could become the ultimate saviour, but to no success. It wasn’t until she joined Yggdrasil and met the adjutant that Idama believed that she had found that person of destiny, and she would, as a follower, witness the birth of the hero.