Chapter 12 Stealth Gameplay Details

“Must have been the wind”

In chapter 12, there will be gameplay stages that require players to engage with stealth mechanics.

Haru: How did these people get in? Ssshh, let’s deal with them one by one.

You will “no longer be able to rely on firepower alone” to complete levels, but must reach target points through observation and careful movement.

Enemies have a fan-shaped line of sight, which will be highlighted during gameplay. Avoid these areas to prevent yourself from being detected.

Tess: Hey Adjutant, if you take advantage of the tolerance window when entering enemies’ lines of sight, you can cross tricky areas! But remember not to stay there for too long, it’s dangerous dangerous, dangerous!

If you enter an enemy’s field of vision, the highlighted area will turn violet to indicate a a warning. Players will have a short amount of time (a “tolerance window”) to quickly leave the field of vision. If players do not do so, they will be discovered, causing the stage to fail and require a restart. Additionally, using skills or shooting while in range will cause targets to be alerted and trigger a stage fail, even if the player is not within an enemy’s line of sight.

Players can also take advantage of environmental objects to hide from enemies.

Tess: Be careful Adjutant, if you alert an enemy, they’ll attack us before we’re returned to the last checkpoint. Make sure to dodge, Tess doesn’t want you getting hurt!
Editor’s note: I think that’s a little excessive.

Stealth levels are divided into multiple smaller stages. After completing a stage, progress will be saved. Thus, failing a stage in the level will not require you to restart from the very beginning, only the last saved checkpoint.

Once a stealth segment has been completed, you will receive a notice on the top-left letting you know. You can then return to dealing with enemies the way you normally do.

Rewards for stealth segments (probably as an additional mission reward or event mission) aren’t anything too exotic. It’s mostly just XP as well as neuronics mats, silverbucks, digicash, and Starlight Emblems (Ballad of Chaos event currency).